PHP language has a huge number of functions in its library and all these functions simply make the language all the more useful for many purposes. It is often said that one should learn the PHP language because of its diverse applications in different fields. It is true. What makes this language easy to learn? It is the library of PHP functions that simply make this language all the more useful and easy to learn for its application in different areas.

In this post, we have mentioned some popular PHP functions that are commonly used by any PHP developer in developing any PHP project. Every beginner should focus on the below-mentioned PHP functions in order to boost their PHP programming skills. Once you have deep knowledge about the commonly used PHP functions, it will be easier for you to do your programming task in an easy manner.


htmlentities() is a PHP function that is used for the conversion of all applicable characters to HTML entities. In this PHP function, four parameters namely String, Flags, Encoding, and double_encode are used to get the job done. It is a useful function for protecting the form data from the injection of malicious content. On the submission of any data, its values are passed by htmlentities() function for the conversion of applicable characters into Html entities.


This PHP function is used for the representation of certain characters with a special significance in the HTML language in order to preserve their meanings. One should make use of this function in order to translate the strings with associated named entities. One can visit MyCodingPal, an online coding help provider to clear doubts regarding any doubt related to this PHP function.


strlen() function is used in order to count the length of a string. This function also takes into consideration the spaces and characters into the count. It is one of the most commonly used built-in functions of PHP language and that it takes a string as a parameter in order to return its length. Especially, the beginners should understand the syntax and use of this function in a detailed manner to use it effectively while working on different projects.


The use of addslashes function is to quote a string with slashes. The output of this function is a string with backslashes before characters that are supposed to be quoted in the database.


The substr() function is used for accessing a substring between the start and endpoints of a particular string. And it is required to get at parts of fixed-format strings.

So, these are some of the commonly used PHP functions that are highly useful in the world of programming. The PHP language is even useful for encryption of data and also for performing other important tasks.