Finding good weed jars to store cannabis will prolong its life, be useful for dosing, and contribute to the overall quality of it. A good weed jar goes a long way.

When packaged in coloured glass jars, cannabis oils stay effective for a longer period of time because glass does not soak up oil like other materials sometimes do. When secured properly, the use of glass cannabis storage jars helps keep dry cannabis leaf potent. Cannabis leaves, hemp lotions, and cannabis oils stay fresh for a longer period of time when they aren’t exposed to air.

How To Select Cannabis Packaging Jars And Closures

There are a variety of medical conditions out there that have benefitted from the use of CBD oils, and in order for CBD oils to efficiently do their job, proper packaging is important. If you are able to pack marijuana salves in violet or other similarly coloured weed jars, this will ensure that their ability to fight inflammation and provide pain relief will be consistent and reliable, because if they are exposed to UV light, this causes deterioration to occur. The use of glass jars with covers helps keep moisture out, and glass has inherent temperature-resistant characteristics that help prevent the breakdown of the material. Secure closures on cannabis packaging jars clearly help consumers know the drug is safe prior to purchase it.

What Are The Labelling Requirements For Glass Cannabis Storage Jars?

If you are using glass cannabis oil bottles that are smaller in size, then the packaging for them typically comes with boxing. The leaflet on the box or inside the box will have all of the relevant information regarding it. The label will include the ingredients, dosage information, and any side-effects that may occur. Using the correct labels on the products will ensure that consumers will know if the products they are consuming are topical or oral. In the case of misuse, providing adequate labelling on your marijuana packaging jar will help to prevent other forms of liability.

Let Berlin Packaging Take Care Of the Labelling Information

Berlin Packaging can take care of all of the details surrounding the labelling of products. They will ensure that the labels will have elegant graphics and titles that will also provide all of the required information. The professional designers will make 100% sure that you are satisfied, and if you aren’t, they will do their very best to make sure everything is taken care of.

Best Cannabis Container of 2019:

The Herb Preserve is the top-rated cannabis container by the majority of consumers. It can hold a good amount of weed and if you purchase in a bigger quantity, it will typically always be cheaper than buying in small amounts. 

The Herb Preserve comes in a variety of sizes and depending on how much cannabis you have, you can select one that will work the best for you. It also means you don’t have to worry about leaky marijuana fumes seeping out of it, and the security seal will lower the chances of any spills from occurring.

In case you have roaming eyes seeking to see through your jar, the Herb Preserve is made of thick tinted glass to keep UV rays from blanketing through while preserving a degree of privacy. 

It is a top-quality jar and can even revitalize your weed due to the humidity control in it. For anyone who wants to smoke cannabis in the comfort of their own home, this would be a great jar to invest in. As a bonus, the jar is also very stylish and unique.


  • It can safely store weed for up to half a year
  • Smell-proof


  • It can only store a quad

Second Best Storage Container

The second best storage container on the market is the Tightvac Alright Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portage Storage Container. This container is the most affordable one you can buy in the current market. It comes with a vacuum seal protection layer that keeps your weed in the best shape possible. You won’t have to worry about any cannabis spilling out of it because of the very tight seal that it comes equipped with. If you accidentally put the top part down or on an angle, it will be no problem. The amount of cannabis you can store in it goes up to a full ounce, but you can also purchase smaller sizes if that is too much. This product would be a perfect present to give to your buddy that likes to smoke weed and has trouble with storing it. There is a wide range of colours that this storage container comes in. Though not the absolute best, it is a very good container for cannabis storage.