360 Photobooth, also known as the 360 Spinr allows a person to record his short video with 360 angles and it offers a lot of fun experience to every user. It is not just useful for people to have fun but it can also be used to attract people towards any social or corporate event. With the help of the advanced software, it becomes possible to create a branded video in just 20 seconds and one can enjoy an exciting visual experience in a funny manner.

It is possible to add a total of 195 effects in order to produce a required effect in a complete video. Due to the amazing range of effects, each video can be divided into 12 segments. In addition to this, it is possible to include further customization in the video with the use of the software. With the help of 360 Photobooth, it becomes possible for everyone to produce the desired effects in an easy manner in a limited amount of time. In this post, we have mentioned everything that you need to know about 360 Photobooth and also we have covered the details about its working.


Most of the use of 360 Photobooth is for branding purposes in the corporate world and it makes sure to spread the word about a given brand to the maximum number of people possible. Below, we have explained in detail the working of 360 Photobooth software to help everyone understand its working:

  • Stand on its Platform – The guests need to stand on the platform in order to take part in a procedure to record a video. After this, the operation to record a video will start by clicking on the start button by an attendant.
  • Recording Starts – After the first step, the recording will start following the rotation of the arm and it will pick the speed in no time. This will make it possible for every guest to enjoy a recording video in an exciting manner.
  • Get off the Platform – Once the arm stops spinning, the person must leave the platform.
  • Video Processing Starts – Now, the computer starts processing the video and the entire process gets completed in about 20 seconds. After this, the recorded video will be available for sharing and one can simply send it to one’s email id.