Climate change has become a very serious reality in our world. Scientists had been warning us about its dangers for the past two decades, and we are now beginning to realize its impact from multiple heatwaves to long and cold winter spells and so on. These small growing signs are painting a bleak picture of our future, however, we can all start changing things now by doing the right thing today. This includes reducing our plastic consumption, recycling, managing our waste, and trying to plant more plants and trees around us.

If you happen to already live in a property with tree(s), you need to take proper care of them. Tree care includes several things like protecting them from pests, disease, trimming them, storm-proofing them and so on. All of these are essential jobs that need to be done to keep a tree strong and healthy, and for that, you will need to hire proper professionals to do the job for you. There happen to be many reliable tree care companies like Saints Tree Service Cleveland and so on that, you can rely on for your tree care needs.

Of course, while we must take care of our trees, we also need to realize that sometimes we cannot save our trees, and they will end up growing weak and then start slowly dying. Once you notice that one of your trees might be dying, you will need to get the tree removed or else it can end up posing a safety risk to both you and your property. This is where you will require tree removal services, and thankfully a lot of tree service companies also happen to provide tree removal services as well. It is also important to note that some tree removal services will only saw off the tree and leave the stump as is, and then other companies offer additional stump removal services as well. So, depending on your needs, you can opt for either of the two. Most companies happen to avoid removing the stump when they know that the root system is very dense and elaborate, making it difficult to remove the stump.

There are cases where you can choose to try to save your tree, and then there are cases where the tree is beyond repair and needs to be removed, and you must be able to make that differentiation. This is why we will list down a few instances where you will have to opt for tree removal services to try to make things easier for you in the future.

  • If your tree has been blown away by a storm or is very damaged to the point that it is not able to stand up properly, you will need to make sure whether or not artificial support would help, and if your tree service professional tells you that the tree has completely lost all structural integrity, then you will need to have the tree removed, and in case you have other trees remaining in your property, you should get them storm-proofed while you are at it.
  • Pest infestations can become a nightmare because the pests will end up destroying your tree from the inside, and the outside will be left as a hollow shell. So, if you know that your tree has had a serious pest infestation, and you can hear how hollow the tree is from the inside every time you knock on it, then you will have to have your tree removed before the bests start attacking the empty shell of the tree as well.
  • If your tree is old or heavy and has tilted to one side, you should get the tree removed because these trees have a high risk of suddenly losing their structure and then collapsing, and this can cause serious damage to your property, and in a lot of cases, serious injuries as well.
  • Similarly, if your tree has been riddled with a disease and the disease has started affecting the roots of the tree or the overall structure of it, then you are putting yourself at risk of harming yourself and your property once again.

You can have professional tree servicemen come in twice a year and have them inspect the tree. Once the inspection is over, they will let you know whether or not the tree needs extensive care or if it just needs to be removed. This can also help to remove the burden of deciding something on your own. The best time to get your tree inspected is before storm season, and before the arrival of winter. These are both rough times for trees, and having your tree checked and taken care of beforehand will reduce the likelihood of serious damage occurring later when you are in the middle of those times.