Every day the pandemic crisis is generating higher numbers of COVID-19. As the number of cases continues to rise, there are large arrays of health issues that can develop apart from contracting the virus. Social distancing is necessary, but can also be problematic for other dimensions of our health. Families now encounter more stressful situations as economic turmoil is looming. How can we help our mental health during this difficult time? 

How can parents and breadwinners benefit from online and in home fitness services during the coronavirus outbreak?


As the corona virus continues to spread internationally, the health of our dependents, elders and siblings becomes a growing concern. The reality is that our economies could be heading for the worst turn, and thousands, if not millions, of jobs could be lost worldwide. Businesses are forced to let go of their staff and unemployment rates rise rapidly. Parents or breadwinners with children are now forced to budget and plan carefully ahead.

As many of us sign up for social allowance benefit and employment insurance, we’re forced to carefully plan our resources and monitor our spending diligently. A lot is out of our control as the governments plan ahead to take care of people worldwide.

What can we do to help?

People may not be aware of this but looking after your own health is extremely important for the economy right now. It’s always been an important issue but now it has escalated. Governments worldwide are borrowing extravagant amounts of money to keep families and unemployed workers afloat. The least we can do as individuals is look after ourselves, to reduce further costs in healthcare. The impact of stress and depression during this challenging time is inevitable. So what is the answer to combatting this dilemma? The answer is keeping a healthy mind, body and soul while practicing our social distancing.

Here are some reasons why online and in home personal training is a great idea during quarantine:

1 – Avoid the spread of the coronavirus

Visiting any fitness club is only going to increase the risk of spreading the virus. When we work up a sweat, our rate of breathing increases as our heart rate goes up. This means that while working out, we are more likely to spread the infection. By committing to an in home or online personal training program at home, you keep your social distance from others while getting the same workout completed.

2 – Combat feelings of stress

Given this is a stressful time for keeping your loved ones safe; it is also a time of foregoing financial stress. Stress can release cortisol into our bodies and cause hormonal imbalance. This can then lead to affecting our mental health. During a time of crisis, we need to remain in a state of mind for making good critical decisions. By keeping fit at home, we can stay on top of responsibilities and reduce stress.

3 – Resist feelings of anxiety and depression

When in social isolation, we are spending too much time indoors. A lack of natural sunlight and being in a confined space, can lead to feelings of depression. When we exercise, we release endorphins in our bloodstream that combats feelings of depression and anxiety and keep them at bay. Having less social contact also affects our social health. When we connect with an online or in home personal trainer, we are improving all these aspects of our health – our social well-being and mental stability.

4 – Take Breaks From Work

During the time of quarantine, there is a temptation to actively look at screens, as we look for more ways to be productive and find work. Looking at computer screens in this way can add more to stress and pressure on your mental health. Log out of your programs and check in with your fitness professional to stay fresh for 30-60mins of the day. Plan your breaks for fitness.

5 – Better Habits

The pandemic can be a blessing in disguise for better habits. By committing to a good habit, you avoid the temptation of a bad habit. By getting involved with a fitness program at home and staying away from local shops, or bars if open, you are forcing yourself into better habits and investing in your health, rather than sending money down on the drain by doing something unhealthy.

Wrap Up

Staying fit and healthy is important regardless of the COVID-19 situation. But this is a great time to reap the benefit of online or in home personal training, which is the way forward for convenient fitness, especially IT or tech professionals who can work from home. At London Fitness – In Home Personal Training, we pride ourselves on giving the best advice on how to fit digital and in-home fitness in your schedule. We’re here to give free phone or email consultations at this difficult time to help the needs of people. We hope when this saga has ended, you can continue this habit down the road.