Are you having trouble finding the best online casino bonuses in Sweden? Then you are not alone. The number of new casinos that open their doors in Sweden is ever increasing and to keep track of all different casino offers is hard.

How many online casinos are there?

Since the number of online casinos are ever-increasing in numbers, it is hard to give a correct figure. One can also make a distinction between casinos with a license and casinos without a license. But all in all, the number of casino operators that have a license is around 120. Each operator can potentially have multiple online casino brands so there are at least a couple of hundreds online casinos on the Swedish market today.

How to find the right casino bonus

Finding the right casino bonus can be tricky. You have to be observant of the terms & conditions, how much you have to turn in order to be able to withdraw any wins you had based on the casino bonus offer. What kind of free spins bonus deals do the casino provide? Can you only play certain games when playing with the free spins? How does that compare with other casinos and more. There are a number of online casino comparison sites that you can use to make the selection of your new favorite online casino easier. These sites offer you ranked casino bonus lists together with links directly to the casino. Since there are so many casino bonus offers in Sweden, sites like this can really be helpful.