Reading is Fun. How many of you agree to this assertion? I believe a lot many people will agree to it. And why not? After all, many studies have proven the benefits of reading for the overall development of a person’s personality and building of perspectives. However, many people complain about the difficulty they face while starting reading a book. It becomes really challenging to focus on reading books for beginners.

Well, it is a common problem for many people. Especially, in today’s digital world, many people don’t like to spend their free time reading books instead they prefer to watch visual content to entertain themselves. According to many experts, one should choose the right books if he has just begun to read. In this post, we have suggested the five new reads on Amazon that every youngster should try.

The Rudest Book Ever

Admit it or not, we all face many issues in our daily lives related to different subjects. And it really becomes difficult to address or discuss them with even close friends. However, there exist many books to remove all the bullshit from a person’s mind and one such name of the book is The Rudest Book Ever. It has been written by Shwetabh Gangwar, a youtube megastar who solves people’s problems for free.

Hidden Identity Of Blacks In The Bible: Proof Israel Is In Africa

This book is a new read on Amazon and it is suitable for Israelites who want to gain understanding, wisdom, and knowledge about their Israeli culture. It has been written by Jeremiah Jael Israel and it falls under the book series, For Israelites By Israelites. Hidden Identity Of Blacks In The Bible: Proof Israel Is In Africa is available on Amazon and it can also be found on the website,

Game-X: The Path To The Destiny

Game-X: The Path to the Destiny is an excellent composition from a young author, Karan Bansal. It’s Kindle edition is available for $2.73 and the fictional fantasy book revolves around the story of a boy and a girl who team up in order to protect the Earth while undergoing the training in a magical realm.

So, these are some of the newly released books that one must read in order to gain clarity on various subjects and form new perspectives in his life.