If you are looking for alternative suppliers for your dropshipping store other than AliExpress, there are many out there. In fact, AliExpress was not even originally created to be a dropshipping supplier.

Instead they are a self service marketplace that lists items at a highly discounted rate, for anyone, but it’s partly the reason the site has become a dropshipper’s dream. But for those of you who are looking for a different supplier source, check out the options below for some of the best competitive dropshipping suppliers.

Light in the Box – With over 14 categories and 60,000 potential products, Light in the Box is another viable dropshipping option for those not looking to use AliExpress. This company has a large range of suppliers and even has its own data warehouse with long-term logistics partners that can work with you when starting out.

Starting in 2007, their primary categories they push are wedding dresses, home improvement, and 3C products (like computers, consumer electronics and communication products) but have a wide array of many other options now. Their large number of inventory units, or SKUs, has greatly increased their representation in the dropshipping and supplier market.

Sammy Dress – Probably the biggest dropshipping supplier in terms of unique clothing and latest fashion items is Sammy Dress. For those looking to start your business dropshipping clothing, you might want to look through their listings to see if they are a good candidate for you to work with.

This supplier also accepts safe payment methods like PayPal, giving peace of mind to those looking to try this website out. They are a Chinese retailer, so keep this in mind when ordering your sizes, and since they offer completely brand-less clothing, you might find some truly original fashion pieces for your new store.

SaleSource – Banggood has made their name in becoming one of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers, and offers over 200,000 products. They offer both a dropshipping agreement as well as dropshipping program benefits that highly benefit the buyers, that are simply using them as a supplier. Once you become a member of their registered dropshipping program, you can promote their products and sell their listings on your own website.

When shipping from their warehouse, you have complete customizability during the checkout process. They will completely remove Banggood’s logo on any packaging as well as the invoice, making it feel like a product that came from your own storage facility. It’s as simple as selecting a box when you are checking out. Banggood is focused on optimization, making it a great choice for supplying inventory for dropshipping companies.

Doba – Last on our list, is one of the most popular dropshipping sites for US companies in particular. This platform connects online sellers with quality-tested and well vetted dropshipping suppliers. Each month, users receive a “Doba Deals” newsletter with curated lists of top products and the excellent suppliers who supply it.

Essentially, they are the middleman that speeds up the process between entrepreneurs, retailers, and suppliers. There are currently over 2 million products that are being sold through this dropshipping supplier directory, and they also provide you with the tools to find your particular products, export them into your stores, and completely handle shipping to the customer.

AliExpress Is Great, But They Aren’t The Only Option!

For those who don’t feel confident using AliExpress, there are many other options out there. They can each provide a different niche product line, and many offer programs that work directly with the entrepreneurs running their first dropshipping website. Make sure, regardless of the supplier, that you do your homework and make sure you are making the best choice for you and your growing business.