Promotions are one of the most popular and effective ways that casinos use to attract new users and get their old players to stick around for long. It is also a great way for casinos to give back to their gambling community and give them something to look forward to every week. Bonuses and promotions have proven to be the most effective strategy when trying to grow a casino and when trying to stay relevant to your consumers, even after they’ve been around for years.

But these bonuses don’t just come around without any research or data. There are countless hours put in trying to give out the most optimal offer that will be exciting but still accessible for as many players as possible. Because of this, bonuses these days seem so perfectly tailored to the demands of the modern player usually you will find that the bonuses come in form of either free spins on slots, which are probably the most popular online casino game kind since they are so easy to play, they are exciting and there are a lot of opportunities for the wins, even if the players are new and don’t really know their way around the online casino.

The era of online entertainment

Online casinos, on the other hand, have slowly started to take over the regular brick and mortar casinos, pulling in more and more customers every day and offering a much wider array of choices for the player than any real-life casino ever could. Some even offer video poker and live casino making the experience even more similar to that of playing in the real casino. But in addition to the thrill of playing the live game, the added comfort of your own home really makes this one of the most sought-after experiences. Even more so than the regular casinos. In countries where gambling has some restrictions like India online casinos are a blessing. This is why online casino promotions in India have actually helped the entire online casino industry get a completely new group of players and expand their services. And since the fate of the brick and mortar casinos looks pretty uncertain right now, amidst the pandemic it is quite likely that the online casino will see even more of a growth in the upcoming years.

When offering the bonuses and promotions casinos try to introduce an idea that would give the player enough reason to stick around. This means that the reward needs to be very clear and evident and it should convince the plate that sticking around and continuing in players is really a great deal and could actually make you win the double you could have won otherwise.

The success of online promotions I measure not only by how many people see the offer and then claim it but how many actually use it and how it affected their playing pattern in the following weeks.

What makes a promotion a success

Bonuses usually have very vibrant and in-your-face promotions and a lot of people tend to see it and then click to get some more info. Then it is up to the people curating these promotions to convince people to learn more and possibly even register at the casino’s website. How many people actually end up registering is one of the top pillars of whether or not the promotion is a success and whether or not the whole idea appeals to the customers or not. Then there is the second data that the casinos need to analyze.

Sure, a lot of people will take up the free money offered in the promotions, but will he stick around for longer, impressed by the gaming selection or the setup of the online casino. This is another set of data that the casinos need to watch out for because, in reality, the true teller of whether or not the offer was successful is actually if it convinced the player to stick with this particular casino. This is why so many promotions include free spins that can be used over a couple of days, and they don’t just dunk all the free promo on the customer in one day, because the casino wants to do everything in their power to make returning to this casino a recurring thing in the player’s life. With the current circumstances, this has become even easier for the gambling community.

This is why you will see such impressive bonuses that are then distributed over the course of a couple of days or weeks for those who claim it.

If the promotions serve as a one-time thing for the players then the casino needs to up their game and offer more interesting games and graphics on their website. If the casino is good, their gaming selection is nice and their website is cohesive, there is a very high chance that the player will stick around even after the bonus, but if the casino is no good, people usually give up after the bonus, sometimes not even using it up completely.

So, in reality, a lot more goes into the casino promotion, and it doesn’t just end when someone sees your promotions. It could take up to a couple of months to know whether or not the particular promotion was a success. Making successful promotions depend a lot on factors that don’t have anything to do with the terms of the promotions and