Have you ever wanted your blog or website, maybe be because you want to share your daily experiences with the world? Or to maybe showcase your talents and skills? If you have thought about it, then unquestionably, you might have come across the term WordPress.

WordPress is an online platform where you can create your page, website, or blog and use it for different purposes. Many companies across the world use WordPress as it is easy to use and is user friendly. You will not need a professional to handle and manage your WordPress blog or website; you can do it by yourself. Therefore, WordPress can be used by anyone, quickly and conveniently.

Every website and blog use images. It is an essential part of any page. Using the correct and relevant images can change the whole look of your website. Images can be used with text to draw more attention to it or emphasize the message. Therefore, it is essential to find an image with the correct dimensions and quality. The file size and type play an important role when it comes to uploading them on WordPress.

Here are some of the image compressions plugins that you may want to use while uploading an image in WordPress.

1.    WP Retina 2X:

Retina images need extreme care and precision; therefore, this plugin is different from the others, as it takes care of the Retina images on your WordPress. The plugin helps to manufacture images or files which are used by high dots per inch (DPI) devices. Then, the plugin displays these images to people who visit your site or page. This plugin generates the Retina images on its own. Then these images are automatically served to the appropriate retina devices. If you have visitors who use retina screens heavily, then you might want to use this plugin to enhance the quality of your images.

2.    Lazy Road:

The next plugin we are going to talk about is the Lazy Road. It is easy to use, simple, and perfect for beginners. Lazy loading is a technique that delays the loading of unimportant information or resources on a page. You can see this plugin in Action on CelebJihad. You may have noticed while scrolling that an image is blurred, but as soon as the image comes into viewpoint, it is quickly loaded. This is done using the lazy loading plugin and saves data, and the page loads much quicker. The relevant information can be easily viewed without wasting time or battery.

3.    Optimus Image Optimizer:

The Optimus Image Optimizer is used to reduce the file size of the images by compressing them. This helps load the images faster. Optimus automatically compresses your image, sometimes up to 70 %, without degrading the image. When you are trying to upload the images, Optimus will send the file to the Optimus server. Here, the file is compressed and is then sent back to you in an optimized format.

4.    Optimole:

Another image comprehension plugin is Optimole. It is a quick and sophisticated plugin that compresses your images. Most of its functions run in the background automatically. To use Optimole you will need to create an account and insert an application programming interface key. Optimole allows you to optimize images, edit them and change settings such as lazy loading, size of the file, and so on. You can track and keep an account of your images. Optimole sends to you details of all the operations conducted by Optimole on your image.

5.    Imagekit:

It is a relatively new plugin in the market. Imagekit allows you to control the location and duration of your images. It minimizes page loading time and compresses the file without damaging its quality. Imagekit settings are easy to use. It is very convenient for travelers, bloggers, media, and photographers. Imagekit gives you a 14-day free trial, after which you can decide whether it is worth the money or not. If you are someone who uses more images than text for your WordPress, you will enjoy using Imagekit.

6.    Kraken.io Image Optimizer:

Kraken is another plugin that you can use to compress images for your WordPress. It is a pretty good plugin though you may not find some of the other upgraded features available in other plugins. You can easily resize your images without altering the quality of your picture. It supports intelligent lossy optimization as well as lossless optimization. The plugin works effortlessly and quickly.

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the plugins which you can use to compress your images for WordPress. Images which are too large can be compressed with the help of these plugins without degrading the quality of the image. With the help of these image compressor plugins, you can reduce the time taken to load your website, which will attract more and more visitors.