On-Site, Off-Site and Technical SEO Explained

SEO or search engine optimization is the process through which a site is modified with the goal of increasing the rank in Google’s search engine. These modifications are not made only on the site but also offsite, meaning on their sites as well. In this article you will find what are the three main types of SEO, why is the off-site part so important and why the best way to do it is through guest post services.

The modifications made to the site itself can be divided into two categories. The first one is known as technical SEO. In this category are placed all the methods through which a site is optimized in technical ways. The most important part of this optimization is to make the speed that it needs to load to be very high. Google does not want to send people to sites that load very hard. It wants to make the experience that its users have to be very smooth, fast and satisfactory.

The second category is named on-site SEO and it contains, firstly, the process of making the site more accessible, through making the links of the site as small and easy to read as possible. Secondly, it has the role of choosing certain keywords on which all the content on the site will flow around. These keywords are the ones for which the site will rank. This means that when someone searches these keywords, Google will place your site as a result shown on the first page. Of course, the content placed on your website has the largest amount of importance in Google algorithm’s decision.

Off-site seo contains all the methods used on any site, besides yours, that have the role of proving that your site is the solution for the searches that are made with the selected keywords. Below, you will find a detailed explanation about it and about the inportance of guest post services.

How Does Off-Site SEO Works?

The first thing that you need to understand is that Google does not only verify al the information placed on your website. It also searches for everything that it can find on the internet about your site. The ranks of your site are decided based on the combination of the results found by the search engine on your site and on other sites. These are some of the most important Google guidelines that every webmaster needs to know.

This is why it is very important to not only build many high-quality links but also to establish the authority of your site in your niche. There are many methods to do this, the most important ones are presented below:

  • Social media. This is a very used method. By having a strong social media presence, then you will be able to increase your brand image and also to generate a lot of links that direct to your site. These links are mostly obtained through the posts that are shared on social media platforms. But, keep in mind that social media can become very complex, you can read: “What is social media marketing”.
  • Forums. Another method to generate links is by using forums. The right way of doing things is to help others by answering their questions and also let a link to one of your articles. Make sure that the link is relevant to the post and it will help those that visit it.
  • Blog comments. This method is similar to the one used on forums. When you place the link, make sure that you also leave a relevant comment. The best way is to make a connection between the comment that you less and the land page of the link placed.

Although all these methods will produce good results for your site, they are very hard and time-consuming to implement and they are not the best ones.  As you may have guessed the best methods are guest post services. Below you will find what are the reasons for this.

Why Are Guest Post Services the Best Alternative for Building Links?

As it can be found in google guidelines and from the results of hundreds of studies made by SEO experts, content is the most influential factor for the Google algorithms.  This not only includes the content that is placed on your website but also the one that is placed by you on other sites. Here comes the importance of guest post services.

Because of how important content is, you can obtain the best results by using content in your Off-site SEO. What do you think that the best method for doing this is? Correct! Guest posts are the best way through which you can build links using content.

It may sound easy, but it is not. The results that you can obtain from this strategy are not only positive ones, if you do it wrong then your site’s ranks may even be penalized. Why? Because That’s how the algorithm works. Good website content will raise your ranks while the bad one will drop it.

You may want to ask what good content is? Well, the most important factor is to be original. Meaning that if your content is copied from others then you will be penalized. Also, the quality of the articles that you will use to guest post will decide how many people will use that link to visit your website. This is another important factor on which the algorithm decides your rank.

What Other Benefits Guest Posts Will Bring to Your Site?

Guest posts not only offer SEO benefits but others as well. Some of them are:

  • Brand image. A good article will showcase your company to a very high number of readers. You can make use of the articles that you created to gain the trust of the readers. Many think that you will steal the host’s visitors, but that is not true at all. A person will most likey visit more that one site about a subject. So visitors can visit both sites regularly. So, by getting the trust of the visitors you will be able to slowly strengthen your brand image. Keep in mind that the number of articles is very important as well. Many guest posts on many sites can also be used to strengthen a brand very fast. How so? Well, if you see a person’s or a company’s brand present on many relevant sites, then will you not consider that brand important? Yes, you will give more importance to it the more you see it.
  • Reputation. If your guest posts are used correctly then your business’s reputation will increase as well How? Well, by using guest articles in a way which helps the reader to accomplish their wishes or to resolve their dreams. Obviously, the word about your business will go around and your business will get a positive reputation. This is also very important for your business because you will be able to make deals much more easily. Also, you will be able to get business partners much faster because your reputation will make it easier for others to have trust in you.

Why Should You Let an SEO Agency Take Care of Your Off-Site SEO?

A guest post campaign consumes a lot of time and effort in the initial stages. This happens because you must find the right contacts and research which sites will offer your business the most benefits. For SEO, the higher the authority of the sites where you will place the guest posts the better. This happens because Google decides your authority by taking into consideration the sites that link to you. So, if an authority site accepts guest posts from you, then Google will also consider your site as being important and useful for its users. Neilpatel.com describes a complete strategy on how to build guest post backlinks and the first advice is: “Start with objectives and a strategy”.

This is a very big problem for those that want to implement a guest post campaign by themselves. The good news is that after you find a certain number of sites you will be able to post on them again. Of course, to reach that points there are many months of works to be done.

On the other hand. an SEO agency already has a network put in place for their guest posts services and it can implement such strategies much faster than you could. This happens because of their experience accumulated with other clients.

By using the services of an agency you will obtain results much faster and of higher quality as well. In time, this advantage will immensely increase the revenue of your company. It is a long term investment that could help you rise to the top of your industry.