Content is the most powerful and integral part of marketing. The content has upgraded with time according to the audience, but it could never be replaced. Today’s content marketing, however, is a lot different than it was a century ago. Here I have shared how to make most out content marketing struggles in the twenty-first century, especially when you have a tough target audience like millennials.

Guest Posting

Also known as guest blogging, it’s a practice of publishing your articles on other relevant sites. It gives your brand exposure to a new audience, increasing awareness, traffic, authority, and leads. However, it’s not an easy process.

You will have to find relevant bloggers that would be willing to publish your article with a Do-Follow link, make a deal with them, and write a useful article that would provide useful information to your potential prospects and discretely pitch your brand, product, or service. The only and effective way to get this done job is through the help of a guest posting agency. You can get access to the vast network of Globex outreach bloggers by acquiring its services.

Email Marketing

To date, there is no other practice that brings better results than email marketing. Its conversion rate may be low, but it also doesn’t require a lot of investment and effort. You can get as good of a conversion rate from emails as any other medium if you know what you are doing.

There are several types of email marketing campaigns that you should know. Is it about getting a potential customer back who left a cart or converting a visitor to lead? Each goal has its own sequence and set of practices to ensure you get results.


It’s not easy to write call-to-actions. It’s just one line that takes hours to write. Even then you can’t be sure how effective it is until you test it. The secret to writing an effective call-to-action doesn’t have much to do with creativity or writing skills. You basically need to understand the business and the audience. Use your unique selling proposition and pain points of prospects to write this copy.

You can expect results from a call-to-action only if you trigger the emotions of the reader while telling them the next step they should take. Try using A/B testing to test versions of copy to find the one that works best. Use these call-to-actions in every blog, website page, email, and social media post.


Blogging is the fun part of content marketing that is more focused on providing value to the audience than forcing them to convert. It is a great help in increasing website traffic and authority in search engine results pages. People visit blogs to find an answer to a query.

You will write blogs on questions that your audience searches; that’s why it is unlikely to ever go wrong. However, there is a list of competitors offering the solution to the same problem. You can outrank them only if you provide the best answer in the best manner.

Social Media Posts

Social media channels are just as big as search engines. People usually search their issue on search engines while you have to reach out to them on social media. Both mediums have users in billions, which means you can’t ignore either.

No matter who your audience, they spend more active time on social media than search engines. Social media channels provide detailed information of the audience you are targeting with very useful insights. This makes social media posting one of the best content marketing tactics.

That old way of writing a sales pitch and posting on your page may not work very well anymore. Some use the help of humor and comedy to attract followers, but they may not necessarily be your prospects. You will have to create contests and use other creative practices to attract and retain a relevant following.

Audience Personas and Segmentation

The concept of audience persona is still new to many content marketers. There was a time when one pitch was considered more than enough to attract customers. But every market has changed now. There is a lot more competition and people have gotten smarter. Millennials particularly don’t like advertisements. And content doesn’t work as one size fits all.

You need to create personalized content for your audience and make sure that it relates to them; otherwise, you won’t get any conversions. That’s why do some research to create audience persona with attributes of your target audience and create segmentations. You should know how much the reader already knows and what he needs to know at the right time. Telling everything at the very beginning or sharing too little information will only increase the bounce rate.

Being Honest and Understanding

If I say that I am the best content marketer in the world, would you believe that? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most will answer “no”. On the other hand, saying that I’m one of the best content marketers would make a lot more sense.

You are not the only smart person. Your audience will also feel distrust if you try to oversell. The best and most believable content is the truth. Be very honest about what you are and what you plan to do. However, don’t be selfish. Show them that you understand their problem and wish to help them for mutual benefit.