Blaux Portable AC is a new cooling system high in demand these days because of its incredible features. Designed for small rooms, Blaux Portable AC cools down the temperature of a room the same as any other conventional air conditioner.

An innovative approach to cooling systems, Blaux portable AC has most of the features of normal AC and is in fact far more suitable financially and environmentally. It’s easy on the pocket and does the required task fairly well. Blaux itself creates a state of the art machinery and that too at a low cost. Rest assured the company still maintains the quality to the highest of standards and leaves no signs of incompetence in their products whatsoever.

How Does Blaux Portable AC Work?

Looking into the mechanism and the science behind it, it’s a simple physical process and doesn’t have much depth to it, hence the portable AC is an easy device to use. Relying on a principle called, “thermoelectric cooling principle”, it’s responsible for creating a cooling effect.

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It’s a safe and environmentally clean process where one can simply make ice cubes out of the fridge and place it on the cubicle AC.

That’s basically it! The two plates, a heated one and a normal one both stay on the AC’s plates, with the ice cubes, the other side gradually becomes cooler when air from the fan enters the vent and leaves a chilling breeze behind.

Why Should One Buy Such a Product?

As we near the summers and the world continues to remain in a quarantined state, returning back to our usual habitat looks unlikely this year. Doing every little mundane task at home is the new norm and having a reliable cooling system is essential!

Personal comfort and staying cool and chill during this hot season is necessary to keep one sane. Temperatures are on the rise, climate change isn’t slowing down either, one might as well stay home and be in absolute comfort.

Often times there are uncomfortable situations where you can’t sleep, have to work at home, take care of your family, a whole lot more and on top of that, you can’t even get a breath of fresh air outside because of the pandemic and all that getting mashed up in one go definitely takes a toll on one’s mental health.

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At times like these, staying calm and constantly remaining in a literal cool state is perhaps the only way to remain productive and be at ease. Getting a genuine AC is the common solution but is it in hindsight?

Is it Cheaper than Conventional Air Conditioners?

Factors such as high electricity cost and the initial cost of buying an AC is always far more expensive for a common man’s reach. Noise pollution by an expensive AC takes an even worse toll on one’s mental health. Here, it’s safe to say that the portable device doesn’t generate more than 40 decibels of sound. With all these unfortunate cons, a small portable AC cooler is the perfect solution!

If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual AC and want a small portable device that can usually roam around the house or anywhere you want then, the Blaux Portable AC is for you! It’s a humidifier and a whole lot in a small package.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Operate It:

Simply pour water on the designated trey tanks on top of the cooler. This step can be skipped for the first 6-8 months initially, it’s a replaceable cooling water trey which needs to be replaced eventually. Now, just turn on the device, and with it being charged, a cooling effect can be felt for hours on end.

Do You Need to Charge it?

The portable device doesn’t use rocket science for it’s working. Similar to a smartphone, it works on a Lithium battery and only requires a USB cable to charge it, without any extra effort at all. Its portability is one of the major reasons one should buy it and due to that, charging it isn’t a hurdle at all.

Lasting for 24 hours after just a few hours of charge guarantees that it won’t betray at the last moment. There’s an LED ring at the top of it, indicating it’s battery level. Rest assured, the user shall know the AC’s status immediately. A 2000 mAh battery is used here, more than enough for a portable device.

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Salient Features of Blaux’s Portable AC:

It’s a portable device, evident from the name. This is what sets apart this device from usual air conditioners, a crucial advantage. Includes an air filter that can be changed after every few months, ensuring clean fresh air devout of any germs. A quick start with sufficient running time. In 30 seconds, rapid cooling mode as blaux pumpsput 2.7m/s of the coolest breeze can be felt. No maintenance needed. The device barely requires any effort, with just a cloth, any sort of dirt can be easily removed from the mesh holes, where it usually sticks.

A Few Pros and Cons to Lookout For:

After thoroughly testing the product, the drawbacks have been tested out to be far less than the benefits. The cons can easily be dismissed as well.


Convenient and easy to use, a simple easy to setup device Only requires ice cubes for a cooling effect Portable; can be used at the home, office or basically anywhere A sufficient battery life Safe to use, does not need a power source


Limited stock in supply Not available at retail stores, can only be purchased online

What’s the Price of Blaux’s Portable Device?

By far the most important factor for customers looking out for a cheap yet quality product is the cost. The price of the unit varies, depending on how many of it one purchases. However, there’s an ongoing promo these days. 50% off on all air conditioners it is.

The unit costs 89.99$ but purchasing a few more will lead to an even bigger discount! Two units will cost 179.98$, three for 202.48$, four for 247.47$, and so on. Visit its website for a safe purchase!