Did you know that a fjällraven is a fox? An arctic fox. It’s on the logo of Fjällraven, and this is why…

It is 1978. In that year Åke Nordin creates a backpack that will go international: the Fjallraven Kanken.

A couple of years before he already started with creating his own tent, outdoor clothes and backpack because he couldn’t find the right one for his walks in the Swedish forests. So he made them himself.

The Fjällraven Kånken became a hit

At the time he created the Kånken, it became a hit, especially among students. Fjallraven was already famous among outdoor lovers, now the brand became a worldwide hit. The Kånken was designed in many colours and everybody wanted one. Easy to carry, not too big and really strond and waterresistant.

Fjällraven backpacks are sustainable

Nowadays Fjällraven backpacks ( translate to dutch Fjallraven rugzak ) are famous for its sustainability. You can carry it all your life, it stays a great and strong bag. You use it not only for taking it with you to school but also on a holiday, during an outdoor activity and even to work.

Fjällraven supports nature conservation

The arctic fox on the logo was ones threatened with extinction. Nordin took care of it by sponsoring projects to save the fox. He did a great job. The fox is still there. Nowadays Fjällraven supports more projects for nature conservation. So if you go for a Fjällraven bag, you also are into nature! And saving the planet.