There are a vast number of ways you can earn money online — create a blog, open an online shop, become a vlogger, or start an adult website business.

Of all the possibilities, creating an adult site is one of the most profitable methods. That is because porn is a popular pastime for many. In 2015, the porn industry was valued at $97 billion and has only continued to grow since. Furthermore, people are estimated to spend around $3,075 for porn every second.

These figures translate into a lot of opportunities if you want to enter the industry and start an adult website. To achieve that goal, you will have to go through a few steps:

  • Determine your website’s type
  • Opt for a specific niche
  • Choose a domain name and reliable adult hosting
  • Pick a content management system (CMS)
  • Set up your adult website
  • Monetize

Let’s explain each of the steps in more detail.

Determine Your Website’s Type

The first step is the most important one because it will determine the direction your adult website will take. Yet, even before that, you will have to pick the type of website.

You have several possibilities — create a video tube site, make a cam model site, or start a membership website.

Tube Site

Tube websites are similar in design to YouTube and are the most popular type out there. They offer on-demand porn videos to horny visitors that wish to find quick relief.

There are numerous ways you can earn revenue from such websites, as well as a lot of tools to help you create one quickly. Still, the field is highly competitive, and you might have a hard time making your site profitable in a short amount of time.

Cam Model Site

Cam model sites have a similar design but offer a different benefit to their users. Specifically, they allow the user to interact with the model on the other side directly. While they are certainly a highly profitable option, it’s no easy task to find and keep performers for your platform.

Yet, if you can create a space that will allow the models to create a loyal following, you are sure to have success.

Membership Websites

You can also start an adult membership site that mimics Netflix’s business model. Meaning, to access your website, people will have to pay a periodic fee.

That is certainly a profitable venture; however, you will have to justify the paywall with exceptionally high-quality content. Of course, it will be best if you can offer users original content they can’t find elsewhere.

Keep in mind; there is no best site type. Still, you should take into account the next step to pick the most suitable option.

Opt For a Specific Niche

You shouldn’t create an all-in-one website. That is because it has been done numerous times, and the competition there is fierce. You will have to spend a sizable sum on marketing activities to achieve minimum success.

Still, do yourself a favor and stick to a specific niche. Plus, the more obscure it is, the better your chances. Of course, that also means you will have a harder time finding good content. Regardless, it doesn’t mean you should quit before even trying.

To give you an example, some great niches would be:

  • School girl ahegao
  • Professor-student adultery
  • Asian dominatrix
  • Cosplay orgies

Choose a Domain Name and Reliable Adult Hosting

Generally, domain names should be simple, easy to remember, and relevant to your website’s content. To make it even better, you should try to choose an original name that will give potential visitors a clear idea of what they can find on your site.

Next, you must find a reliable adult hosting provider, emphasis on ‘adult’. If you plan to make a website focus on 18+ content, then an adult host is a must. That is because regular hosts often do not allow such topics on their servers, or have strict rules you need to follow.

Therefore, you should opt for a host with a flexible content policy. Also, their services will be specifically geared toward your site’s specific needs. That will benefit you immensely in the long-term.

Pick a Content Management System (CMS)

The right CMS will make creating and managing your adult website a breeze. WordPress is by far the most popular choice, but make sure you use It’s the free version that only provides the software, while comes with its own hosting as well. Meaning, the .com domain doesn’t allow adult topics.

A great alternative is to use ready-made clones. They will have almost all the features you could need, along with a similar design. Plus, they are extremely simple to personalize as well.

Set Up Your Adult Website

As previously mentioned, WordPress is an excellent tool for creating an adult site. Still, as easy as it is to use, you should prepare to spend quite a lot of time working on the site.

That is when WordPress themes come into play. A suitable template will save you a lot of time and effort. Yet, they usually don’t provide all the features you might need. That is when you will have to rely on plugins to add what’s missing.

If you would instead go for a turnkey solution, then a PHP script will be the better choice. Not only will it have a lot of built-in features, but it will also come with an existing layout. Naturally, that will hasten the setup process significantly. All you will have to do is slightly personalize the design and add the content of your choice.


The final step is to set up the monetization model of your adult website. If you don’t have a robust revenue stream, then all your effort would be wasted. Fortunately, there are many ways you can earn money from your adult website.

Ads and subscriptions were mentioned earlier, but those are only the most popular methods. Let’s go into more detail with them as well as suggest a few other possibilities.


Ads are the most straightforward revenue stream to set up. You will merely have to join an ad network and wait for the cash to roll in. Still, don’t expect them to earn you significant sums from the outset. In addition, most ad networks require you to make at least $50 before you can receive any money.

Despite that, ads are something you should aim to implement. Some great ad networks are:

  • JuicyAds
  • Exoclick
  • HilltopAds
  • Clickaine
  • TrafficStars


Memberships are one of the more profitable methods at your disposal. You can expect to have a steady income flow, and as you grow, it is sure to increase further.

The easiest way to take advantage of this model is to combine it with others. Meaning, offer users access to your site for free with ads. Then, provide them with the option for a premium version with extra benefits and no ads.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs will earn you a commission every time someone clicks on an ad and signs up for a free account to the advertiser. The method offers better profitability than ads and often lags behind when compared to memberships.

Despite that, it’s an excellent revenue stream for your adult website business. Some of the previously mentioned ad networks have affiliate programs but let’s list out a few more:

  • AdCombo
  • ClickDealer
  • CrakRevenue
  • AdxXx
  • Cpamatica

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA is similar to affiliate programs but allows you to earn money with a broader range of actions — free sign ups, video walkthroughs, button clicks, and more. If you’re planning to set up affiliates, it’s also a good idea to integrate CPA. Some ad networks that offer them are:

  • AWEmpire
  • Evoleads
  • CrakRevenue
  • Adsterra
  • Globalfastads

Revenue Share (RevShare)

Revenue share is by far the most sustainable monetization scheme. To explain it simply, whenever someone clicks on an ad and spends money on the advertiser’s website, you will get a share of the earnings.

Moreover, there is no time limit for this. Meaning, even if someone spends the day after, or a month later, you will still earn a percentage. It’s an excellent way to take advantage of a small number of people that will spend a lot. Some excellent RevShare networks are:

  • Chaturbate
  • CrakRevenue
  • AWEmpire
  • JuicyAds

Selling Merchandise

Selling your own merchandise is also an excellent monetization option. However, it comes with a higher cost structure as well. Nevertheless, if your target audience is willing to buy it, there’s no reason to pass over this revenue stream.

You can make and sell branded cups, wallpapers, t-shirts, even sex toys. It all depends on what has value to your users.


Great work! You already have the necessary knowledge to start an adult website business and earn revenue with it. To summarize, you must first determine a website type and opt for a specific niche.

Then, you must choose a creative and descriptive domain name as well as find a reliable adult hosting provider. After that, pick a CMS and set up your adult website. Finally, you need to monetize your adult business to begin earning revenue.

Don’t forget, if you want to set up your adult website as fast as possible, you should opt for a clone theme or script. A Pornhub clone will not only make your job much easier but also save you valuable time and money.

Good luck!