While not a new technology text messaging and its newer counterpart online SMS have been becoming more and more relevant as the smartphone usage surges to near 100% market saturation.

The face that virtually everyone not only has a mobile device but has actually integrated that device into their everyday lives means that mobile marketing should be a top consideration in dealing with your team, customers, affiliates or anyone else.

5 Ways A Mobile Workforce Can Benefit From Online SMS Technology

If you’re currently managing a mobile workforce one of the main things you need to understand is that SMS messaging will work in virtually any industry including retail, hospitality, real estate, energy, government, education, and many more.

Here are the top five benefits of text messaging for the mobile workforce:

1. Instant Communicate Across Teams

If you currently communicate with your mobile or remote workforce using phone then you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get through. Text messaging on the other hand will virtually guarantee that they will see and read your message – you just type the message, send and get on with your tasks.

With business text messaging, you can reach your team members instantly. In fact, with just a few taps, your important messages are sent and received. Plus, you have the ability to start a group chat so you can talk with your team members instantly to keep everyone on the same page.

2. Streamline Task Management

Do you often find your team members sitting around twiddling their thumbs? By sending a quick and instant SMS message you can easily assign tasks to team members to get them moving again.

For example, if you’re in charge of a landscaping business, instead of manually having to write up and print out a task order for your team you can send a simple SMS message. If you’re using an online SMS platform you can quickly type up your task order, select an individual or team and click ‘send’.

3. Respond to Customers Instantly

One of the most irritating and common complaint among customers is wait times.

Customers expect their queries to be answered in a timely manner and will give you a small window of opportunity before they move on to your competitor.

With text message marketing, you don’t need to be tied to your desk just to receive customers’ messages. You can easily message customers in real-time by sending them a short text message to answer their query or let them know that you’ve seen their message and you’ll be in touch shortly.

4. Quick And Easy Inventory Checks

Do you work with a large inventory of products? Chances are that when your employees are on the move they may not always have the time to physically be there at your warehouse to check in and see what the status is of certain inventory items.

By sending a quick text message your employees can stay in loop on what’s happening with the inventory status.

5. Convert More Sales

Few sales and marketing tools have the ability to close more business than the humble text message. Not only are your sales people able to generate high quality sales leads they can also follow up on those leads after their sales appointment to help close deals.

Also, by giving prospective leads access to your sales people via text message it actually builds a little more trust because text messaging is typically something only done between friends and family making this a great strategy to use when you can.