What comes to mind when you hear the words “Party Bus?” Just what is a Party Bus, and what makes them so popular in Charleston? These behemoth vehicles have left a timeless stamp on modern American culture, sending shockwaves through the traditional bar and lounge industry that has been the mainstay for decades. Imagine, for a moment, a gleaming and polished limo bus outfitted with enough electronics to power New York and enough space to harbor nearly fifty people. Sounds like a good time, right?  With a nationwide prohibition on large public gatherings and mask wearing and social distancing orders firmly in place, it is understandable why Party Bus rentals have become an increasingly popular option for those who want to maintain an avid social life. The party bus sector has stepped up to the plate with an exciting and unique alternative to Charleston’s typical nightlife.

Have the Perfect Night Out

When you hop on the bus with pride, sporting your 59Fifty cap and fresh threads, you will immediately sense the glamour and precision that went into every stitch and light fixture in this vehicle. The spaciousness of the interior prominently stands out with plenty of room to tap your feet to the beat of your own drum. A Party Bus serves as the perfect backdrop as you make your way through the bustling Downtown streets. Inside, the fun never stops and the party runs all night. The energy peaks when you “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” to tear a page from Bob Dylan’s book. The best kept secret to booking a Party Bus is the privilege you have of taking the bar with you—and on your terms. So escape the overwhelming reality of daily life by stepping onboard one of our award-winning vehicles voted “Best Of” by the Charleston City Paper, with endless models to choose from in the state’s newest and largest Party Bus fleet.

Why a Party Bus Makes Sense

It’s nearly impossible right now to find an atmosphere where you can safely gather with friends while also feeling like you’re enjoying a true night out. A Party Bus is your answer for that craving of social interaction. When you get down to the nitty gritty of number crunching, your jaw will literally drop when you discover your night-out could cost you just $25-45 per person—per person!—on a dreamy Party Bus. This includes ample drinks for your crew with many stocking options available to raise your glass to. And the mere fact that everyone is traveling together makes this shared expense even better for optimal social interaction. You won’t have to worry about forking over funds for more expensive and less reliable modes of transportation, and you won’t have to deal with the dreaded downtown parking situation. It is an overall win-win for the whole crew from the moment you step onboard.

Transform your Special Event

From the moment you reserve your seat for a Charleston Party Bus celebration, the anticipation of the magical night starts to hit you. Outside of the clear economic advantages mentioned above, Party Buses—otherwise known as limousine buses—allow you to radically transform Birthday and Bachelorette Parties and other special events. Think of it in terms of a Disney Fast Pass—you get a front row ticket to even more action than you bargained for—with vibrant, colorful lights and powerful surround sound enhancing the experience. Even though we stock our wetbars with homebrewed craft beer and golden champagne, you can turn up the temperature by tagging along with your own specialty drinks for this little daytime adventure. We have also prepared snack baskets and mints, and we won’t hesitate to order a cheese plate for groups of 8 or more. All of these elements combined with your closest friends and family make for a truly unforgettable party experience.

Leave the Travel Planning to Us

Planning your event can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious as you strive for perfection, so why not leave the strategy to someone who has mastered the art of party planning and has the reviews to show for it? Emily Sehrs recently penned a review, writing in part: “A special thank you to Constantine for always being there to answer my questions.” And while we handle the coordination, you will have the creative control to write the most crazy and bonkers story of a night your party crew won’t soon forget. Our trained, uniformed staff is on-site to guarantee safety and provide the utmost level of care that is the litmus test for how the tale will be told. Such service comes in the form of white-glove handling of all goods, sharing their city knowhow, and passing the remote control for easy listening and viewing. So let Charleston’s Best Travel Planner, as determined by you, dot the I’s and cross the T’s, while you just prepare to put on a show!

A Flicker of Hope in a Pandemic World

If there ever was a modicum of hope in the current climate of our world, it would be found in the resilience of the people, the might of them waging war against bout after bout of COVID-19. We would like to share with you some steps we are taking to combat the virus and assure you that our arms are locked together with yours in this fight. Our entire fleet is sanitized with Clorox wipes and EPA-registered disinfectants proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria Before and After every service. Drivers are required to wear masks, gloves, and other protective gear. They must facilitate a reasonable distance from passengers during every ride; remove readables, cell phone chargers, and other frequently handled items; and improve the general comfort and safety level of our clients as we adjust to this “new normal.” Now, these measures may come across as a little overbearing, but they are intact to preserve the safety of you and yours as you travel the world in the comfort and security of a marquee limo bus. Be your best self and embrace Charleston nightlife again by ringing up 843-216-2627 today!