Data Scientist – A Data Detective

Being a Data Scientist is really awesome kind of, it is like being a detective almost. And you have to close the case. You cannot just poke it and just say that the mean was some number. And then jump out and be like, all right, data science course time over, back to my day job. You cannot just make a pretty plot and say done. It really does require using some sort of higher order thinking skills to hypothesize about potential causes, potential outcomes. And play with them to see how they work.

Data Scientist – good traits

Good data scientists have a very healthy respect for data cleaning. And it is like they understand that if you start with terrible data, you are going to have a terrible output, like trash in, trash out, all the time. They are masters at how to make it easier to fit a data frame into a machine learning algorithm. How to take your data and manipulate a table into something that is more sort of readable, human readable as a statistical output. So, an appreciation for data cleaning, having solid data, and then also data visualization, so being able to use your data to tell a story. Because it does not matter if you have the best algorithm in the world or the best model. If you cannot communicate it out to the public, or your initial stakeholder or your business customer, no one is going to care. The same goes for science, if you have done this great research and you did not write it up and then no one knows it happened. They appreciate the fact that no model is ever perfect. It is always open to an interpretation.

What background may help?

If you are a person who is very science or engineering focused, there is an aspect of that, there is also an aspect of a business driver. There is also a whole bunch of communication. And a bunch of interaction with people who need to have their problems solved. So, it is a very interdisciplinary sort of field. So, if you have a problem talking to people, you will struggle. Work on your communication skills so you can be effective in your job as a data scientist. If you have a problem thinking outside the box, or acting outside of a set process, then you will face challenges on the job. So, it will do you a world of good in improving your skills in these areas. You can still be part of the data scientist team in other roles such as Data Engineer which is also a very hot job opportunity as of now. There are, on average 5-10 data engineers on a Data science team with one data scientist. So go ahead and pick what suits you.


So this is what a data scientist does and the traits he or she possesses, you can do a self check and figure out if you want to be a data scientist or be a data engineer. You definitely will need some coaching and if you are in, here is a data science course in hyderabad you can consider taking.

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