What is Halal Makeup

Halal makeup is clearly a phrase for make-up this is permissible for muslim women, however it’s also time period that it’s no longer only approximately the substances which can be or aren’t inside the makeup, however also the company’s values and practices, When I became a muslim I could not find a person I could believe with my cosmetics and skin care, so I created my own line of halal, all natural and wudhu pleasant cosmetics.

Due to the fact accept as true with that halal is a entire lifestyle, so sure makeup have to not comprise, pork, alcohol,carmine or animal products that were no longer slaughtered islamically, but also there should be no animal checking out, unfair labor, and practices which can be no eco-pleasant.

Also the goods must advantage our skin, so a variety of the toxic chemical compounds that have a known danger of disease must additionally be left out, So, Halal may be as easy as no beef, alcohol or animal products, but as a practising muslim girls and business owner, the same old is much better than that.

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How Its Made with Islamic Tradition

For Muslims, the time period “halal” mean’s permissible, and inside the context of food, it mainly refers to anything that doesn’t comprise alcohol, red meat (or pork products), or from any animal that isn’t slaughtered in line with Islamic law and traditions (much like the idea of Kosher).

However, while we’re talking approximately cosmetics, its implications won’t simply adhere to the elements, however additionally the supply of the elements and way in which they’re manufactured, in addition to the avoidance of animal testing and animal cruelty.

  • If you’ve ever examine the list of elements on your favorite lipstick or eyeshadow, you might not be able to deduce wherein precisely every element is derived from, not to mention be capable of pronounce a number of them.
  • And a lot of your favored beauty merchandise might contain substances that are derived from animal fat, hooves, or different obscure body parts.

Globely Increasing Demand In Halal Cosmetics

Although animal trying out is banned in lots of countries, there are still several mainstream companies that continue to test on animals in countries wherein animal cruelty legal guidelines have not but been passed or implemented. Among these countries, China, Korea, and Russia have the most important cosmetics manufacturing flowers that supply some of the world’s largest cosmetics distributors.

The good news however, is that many western, South American and European countries don’t allow for animal testing and feature very robust public and privately funded agencies that help limit such practices. For many Muslim consumers, not simplest has this requirement in halal cosmetics increased the attention of animal cruelty, but has additionally performed a crucial function in shifting the producing practices of many corporations towards more moral cosmetics.


In latest years there’s been an growing demand for the development and sale of halal cosmetics, and businesses global have responded. Halal cosmetics have been on the rise due to the fact that 2013 and income are envisioned to hit well over $60 billion within the subsequent 5-10 years globally. But what virtually constitutes “halal makeup” and how do we realize if we’re getting the actual thing?

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Advertising and Marketing

Finally, one in all the most exciting developments in the halal make-up marketplace has been an growth in demand for “infant labour free” cosmetics. According to the International Labour Organization, over a hundred sixty five million kids global are involved in baby labour.

  • A large percentage of this includes kids who work in risky mines to extract minerals, or in big factories inside the meeting of the goods.
  • However, numerous groups have taken a stance in opposition to those practices and included them into their advertising and marketing campaigns.


We agree with that Halal is now not pretty much permissible ingredients, it’s additionally approximately permissible sourcing, improvement, and commercial enterprise ethics. We need our customers to have the pride of understanding that once they buy halal, they’re additionally supporting to make a difference in the world by using raising attention approximately baby labour.

As we see the increase of the halal cosmetics industry there will indeed be greater questions about what makes something “halal”. However, it can additionally inspire innovation so as to hopefully task the norms of the enterprise and improve the course of its development.