Slowly but surely the world is coming back to normalcy after a global pandemic has held many nations in its deadly clutches. At the moment, you may still be working from home or following online classes so you can still get your education. However, in a while this may change and you actually have to go back to the office or university. If you go by car, it is important to look at these dos and don’ts.


There are several things you must do before you restart your car. One of the tasks you should definitely do is inspecting the belts and wires. You should do a thorough check of the AC belt and the electrical wires. Rubber tends to crack or harden while belts tend to slack, so it is definitely important to control if they work properly. Besides that, it is also smart to inflate the tyres. You could use a portable air compressor so you can correct the air pressure in your tires. Furthermore, you need to check the fluid levels. Start by looking beneath the car for any leaks or spills. After that you check the engine oil, brake & clutch, and coolant level. If it is necessary you top the fluids up. Of course, you also have to have a look at your car insurance Netherlands. Perhaps you could find a cheaper insurance, what can be done by visiting Diks.


Of course, there are also several don’ts. For example, you should not race or rev a cold engine. This could cause friction in internal components, which can lead to severe damage to your car. Besides that, you also should not completely drain the battery. So if the car does not start at the first or second attempt, you should not keep cranking the engine. Furthermore, you should not drive with underinflated tyres. This was also mentioned in the dos above. Another smart thing to do is ventilate and clean the car before you start using it again. By doing this the auto is practically new.