Mold damage claims are notoriously difficult to file due to the complicated insurance policy exceptions and regulations. Did you know that some insurance companies deny mold claims if they aren’t documented properly? Most insurance companies only cover mold damage if the mold source is another covered damage type, like water damage. However, water damage needs to be caused by covered incidents like rainstorms, hurricanes, hailstorms, floods, etc. In short, filing a mold damage claim requires the knowledge and experience of a mold damage public adjuster, like those found at ProFloridian Claims Consultants, to pull off successfully. We recommend rejecting the initial settlement offered by your insurer.

Contacting a public adjusting company to file your mold claim is the best decision you can make in your situation. The public adjuster will investigate the mold infestation and assess the extent and severity of the damage. The required documentation involves estimating the losses incurred and an accurate estimation of the mold mitigation expenses. The insurance company needs concise evidence of the incurred losses due to the mold infestation. Without a public adjuster to help you, it’s hard to gather the necessary evidence to support your claim.

What can a public adjuster do for me?

Many homeowners doubt they need a public adjuster to file a mold damage claim. After all, they’re justified in receiving compensation for their losses, right? However, this doesn’t hold true most times. To receive fair compensation from your insurer, you need to provide comprehensive evidence of the damage and incurred losses. The damage assessment must be exhaustive and concise per the claim procedures. This is where things become difficult. You may contact the insurance company at this stage, and they’ll send a public adjuster to assess your damage and estimate your losses.

The only problem is that the public adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. They won’t work in your best interest. Instead, they’ll try to use deception and complicated insurance policy regulations to undervalue your claim. You may not know how to counter these tactics, but ProFloridian Claims Consultants, a professional public adjuster in Boca Raton, does. Hiring your own public adjuster to ensure fairness during the claim procedures guarantees a reasonable settlement for you. If you hire a public adjuster before contacting the insurance company, your public adjuster will do the damage assessment and loss estimation. This means that the claim will be documented honestly and fairly!

Expert advice on filing a mold damage claim

Having the opportunity to ask for professional advice on filing a mold damage claim is an excellent thing for many homeowners in Boca Raton. Instead of risking an underpayment or denied claim due to the lack of knowledge, most homeowners prefer hiring a public adjusting company. Public adjusters shoulder all your responsibilities regarding the mold claim. They take care of the damage assessment and bring evidence to the documentation. The loss estimation and negotiation with the insurance company is also their responsibility. A public adjuster is a significant asset you should use when filing a mold damage claim to your insurance company.

The claim procedures are harsh and unforgiving, and many claims are denied because of this. However, a public adjuster can help you reopen a denied mold damage claim and obtain just compensation for your incurred losses. The expert will assess your mold infestation, correlate it with demonstrated water damage, prepare the documentation, and renegotiate a settlement for you. The insurance company can’t back off from paying you thanks to your public adjuster’s valid documentation. His help is instrumental in obtaining total coverage for your losses and mold mitigation expenses.

Don’t hesitate to hire a public adjuster from ProFloridian Claims Consultants when filing a mold damage claim!