Singapore Toto is a popular type of lottery game in Singapore. It goes by several different names, but it is called TOTO by local Singaporeans. The game consists of 49 possible numbers (1 through 49), where 6 numbers and one bonus number get chosen at random from them. It only costs each player $1 to play the game and have the opportunity to win millions of dollars from the jackpot.

Study the Data SGP

If a player wants to increase their chances of winning at Singapore Toto lottery games, they must study the Situs Togel Data SGP. These are the winning numbers that were randomly drawn for Singapore Toto lottery games in the past. The objective is to look for patterns in the numbers to determine which numbers are most likely going to be drawn again in the future.

There are five different possible techniques you could implement to predict the winning numbers. Let’s review those five techniques below.

1) Dominant Odd and Even Numbers

It is very rare for the winning series of numbers to contain only odd or even numbers. There will almost always be a mixture of odd and even numbers in the winning combination.

So, what you should do is make a list of the most dominant odd numbers and even numbers that were drawn in the past. Once you have your list, create different combinations of these dominant odd and even numbers.

For instance, you could use two odd numbers and four even numbers, or vice versa. Otherwise, do three odd numbers and three even numbers.

2) Dominant High and Low Numbers

It is rare for the winning numbers to be all low numbers or all high numbers. Instead, you should see a healthy mixture of low numbers and high numbers in the winning combination.

That is why you must review the historical winning numbers from the data SGP and make a list of the dominant high and low numbers. Now put together various combinations of high and low numbers.

Low numbers are all the numbers between 1 and 24. High numbers are all the numbers between 25 and 49.

3) The Winning Sum

Here is a much simpler but effective technique. You must add up the six winning number combinations from the past data SGP and study the sums of them carefully. These sums will usually fall somewhere in the middle of 115 and 185. This is the sum range you’ll want to focus on when predicting your winning combinations for the future.

4) Repeatedly Drawn Number

There is usually one number that gets hit repeatedly in Singapore Toto. Try to arrange your winning number strategies so they always include this one number. The number should be based on recent drawing data rather than on data too far in the past.

5) Finding Patterns

Finding patterns in data SGP numbers is the most complex technique, but it could also be the most effective. Rather than looking for repeat numbers or sums and making your combinations from them, you will look for frequent patterns in the winning combinations of the past.