The emergence of technology has completely revolutionized the world today. As such, it’s not uncommon to see kids with gadgets that can enable them to check the term paper writers for valuable information besides helping in creating networks and socializing. But with access to unfettered tech and the internet comes the dark side that can put your kids in harm’s way.

So after buying your child a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you have to ensure their safety despite your trust in them. The best way to keep them safe involves the use of specific apps. As such, try and add apps that will not only secure them in the digital space, but also, in the physical world. You can use the apps to track their movement, phone activity, teach the kids lessons on safety, etc.

So, what apps should you consider installing in your kid’s gadget?

The Top Safety Mobile Apps for Your Kid’s Device

  • Kaspersky SafeKids. It’s a reliable controlling and tracking tool that safeguards your kid’s smartphone. The applicability of the app can never get understated with the need to safeguard your kid both physically and virtually. All you need to do entails the installation of the application on the handset, and thereafter, controlling it remotely. You can give access to the types of websites and apps your child can install and the period of access. The app will require a pin when you install it, and after setting a pin, it will prevent unauthorized access from any other party. It has extra features that can give you logs on tracking location data, SMS and call logs, phone, and email alerts, among others.  
  • TrueMotion. It’s an app that tries to monitor and safeguard kids from irresponsible driving. Well, your child might listen to your instructions when it comes to driving safely. However, when with friends, their teen instincts can kick in and lead them into driving dangerously. The app will allow you to monitor their driving and help you motivate them when necessary to drive safely. You only have to install the app on your child’s smartphone.
  • Life360 Family Locator. It’s one of the most effective safety apps as it allows you to track and chat with your kid at the same time. The app connects your entire family besides allowing you to know the location of your child and their day’s route.   
  • Safety for Kids. It’s a vital tool for keeping your child safe, and comes in the form of a game. The game has twelve chapters, with each chapter having a unique activity to help teach your kid how to handle themselves in diverse emergencies. It entails situations of elevator trouble, escaping the fire, getting lost, a knocking stranger, road danger, among others. 
  • SPIN Safe Browser. With unfettered access to the internet when a kid owns a mobile device, getting control of the device’s browser, which acts as the gateway to the internet becomes crucial. The internet has every sort of content, and to safeguard your child from this, get and install the SPIN. It will block every inappropriate web content without adjusting the configurations needed.


Kids often require the best attention and protection that a parent can give. By offering your child a smartphone or tab, you will help them embrace technology at an early age. However, tracking and keeping them safe from harmful sites or predators can prove the difference in looking out for them.