No matter what software you use, recruiting will always be a uniquely human process as it involves creating an environment that will nurture potential candidates.

Procedures like creating job descriptions and communicating final hiring decisions cannot be done with software alone, and the involvement of a human element is non-negotiable.

However, certain parts of the recruiting process can be automated to free up time which can be used to focus more deeply on the essential elements of a recruiting business. In fact, automating certain stages of the recruitment process can actually help improve the rate of successful hires made by your firm.

Here are five ways in which you can automate certain elements of the recruitment process.

1. Sourcing 

For starters, you can automate the sourcing segment of the recruitment funnel. Open positions can be posted simultaneously on multiple job boards, portals, and social media platforms with a single click, attracting a diverse pool of potential candidates.

A software like Recruiterflow even provides a unique URL for each job post, so you can advertise the job literally anywhere you want to!

2. Screening   

With the help of executive search software like Recruiterflow, you can largely automate the selection and screening process of candidates. Your agency simply needs to input the job specifications you’re looking for and advertise the position as mentioned in the previous point. 

The applications handed in are reviewed by the software itself and candidates are automatically filtered out if they are unable to meet the criteria mentioned in the description. This saves your employees valuable time that would otherwise be spent on going through applications.

3. Candidate Engagement   

Candidate engagement is one of the most important aspects of running a recruitment business. Without regular communication, candidates tend to lose interest quickly and may quit the hiring process altogether. And most of the time, the ones who quit happen to be the most talented and are usually confident in their ability to find jobs elsewhere.

With the right software you can automate communications and keep candidates up to date about their position in the recruitment funnel.

A software like Recruiterflow helps you automate emails and communications, making it easier to keep candidates engaged and giving them the sense that they’re being looked out for.

With the help of automatic messages, the software can answer any FAQs and resolve doubts quickly, giving candidates a clearer picture of what’s going on.

4. Scheduling

Scheduling interviews, calls, and meetings can take up valuable time that may be used more productively on growing the business. Constant back and forth communication with candidates in an attempt to fix an interview date can be an exhausting process and even lead to disinterest in the job.

Luckily, scheduling can be automated with the help of an executive search software like Recruiterflow. Your recruiters simply send candidates a calendar with free slots indicating when they are available for interviews or meetings. Candidates select a desirable slot and your employee is notified, ensuring that the meeting takes place at a time that’s convenient for both parties.

5. Feedback

Most recruiting agencies focus on growth by increasing their workload or the number of hires. However, without feedback it can be difficult to find out exactly what steps need to be taken to grow your organization.

An executive search software can provide you with insights that will help improve your recruitment efforts. With a software like Recruiterflow, visual reports highlighting recruitment metrics are provided every month, with access to data that will give you a clear picture of what to work on. This information includes things like the source from which most candidate applications are processed and which interview process produces the most number of successful hires.

Manually, it would be impossible to gather data effectively enough to actually improve your recruitment efforts.

Start Automating

With the help of executive search software like Recruiterflow, a large portion of your recruitment efforts can be automated, saving you valuable time to invest in building your business.

So start automating parts of your business today and watch as it grows exponentially.