Of all of the features you think about when it comes to creating an online casino, perhaps web design isn’t the top of the list. As a player, it may even be something you don’t even think about. Without realising it, a whole load of thought and planning goes into the design and functionality of a casino site. This has been the case since the launch of the very first casino on the web, but instead of a standard task, it’s now becoming a priority.

Operators are now putting the usability, design and experience of their website ahead of most other things, and we’re going to look into why. Casivo has helped us to develop this list, so check out this toplist of the best online casinos here. Keep reading to find out more about exactly what is being worked on when it comes to development for casinos.

Mobile Functionality & Responsiveness

More of us than ever are browsing the web on our mobile devices, and online gamblers are no exception to this rule. Just as we prefer to check social media or make purchases on our mobile devices, we also prefer to play casinos on them. With this comes a need for fully mobile-responsive websites in the casino industry, something that, before recently, barely existed.

These operators are now adopting a mobile-first approach to their operations. New slots and games will be developed on handheld devices ahead of computers, and you may even find the site looks and runs better overall when using mobile. That doesn’t mean that it’s not still enjoyable to play on desktop or laptops, but it’s becoming secondary.

Live Casino Usability

The live casino platform is a prime example of how virtual reality has transformed online gambling. This smart technology allows players and dealers to interact during real games, making playing online appealing to more than ever before. Those that much preferred the realistic setting of a land-based casino can now have that from their device.

With the implementation of live casinos came another development challenge for operators. These are live cameras, playing out hands in real time, something many websites originally struggled to handle. Think slow feeds, lag, and just a less than ideal user experience. Since this, web developers have had to come up with new ways of making live casinos feel like part of the original casino site, not pasted on top. The end result? We’re now seeing a new breed of live platforms, slicker and faster than ever.

Faster Loading Times

We, as humans, don’t like to wait around. Our expectations are fast-loading websites, and rightfully so. Some casino sites were incredibly slow, which undoubtedly deterred players and likely had an impact on the bottom line. Because of this, casinos were forced to optimise their site for speed. This is easier said than done with so much code implemented to run the games onsite.

Those that got ahead of the curve and began increasing website and game loading times benefitted hugely, and now others have been forced to follow suit. Ultimately, online casino sites are becoming a seamless way to play.

All in all, it’s a much more enjoyable experience to play online now than it ever has been. There are teams of specialist developers across the world working on making this even better and faster, and it’s exciting to see what is coming next.