Many people come across WordPress on the web, but only a few know what it is being used for.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful website building platform. It gives bloggers and content creators the ability to develop websites for their niche. WordPress is easy to use because users need no coding or programming experience to make use of it.

The user interface is suitable for seamless navigation. Talking about website building, either for commercial or premium purposes, WordPress is topping the big leagues.

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Have you ever wondered how WordPress can deliver perfect services to its customers? They make use of some special tools, a major one is the Themes. We will talk more about that in the next paragraph.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is a tool for designing your website. The tool helps you change the layout and transform the appearance into a more beautiful one. Themes give change in color, contrasts, typography, layout, font size, etc.

Using the right theme for your website makes it look attractive to your target audience. Every business has this theme that fits its website perfectly, using the theme would increase the conversion rate on your website.

Note: Themes do not alter the contents on your website, they only change the form of display of information for your visitors.

Now, let’s look at the best-selling WordPress themes. Users can identify the one suitable for their purposes.

Are you ready? Okay.

Top WordPress Themes

1. Plum WordPress Theme

Plum is one of the best-selling WordPress themes on the internet. It is the higher version of the Plum Free Theme. The features are highly improved to give a better user experience. The themes are available in multiple languages and there is an advantage of translating any language. 

The customizing option is easy, you don’t need to be a graphic designer before you can explore. The interface is user-friendly, a few lines of the guide is enough to teach you all the necessary steps. For those that are planning to build an online store, the theme supports WooCommerce. The color palette contains a beautiful blend of colors for beautification. You can get it here.

2. Food Hunt Theme

This is a theme specifically for restaurateurs and eatery owners. The palette provides different shades of colors to give meals the desired and attractive look. Local dishes are portrayed in high-resolution images. The theme has a menu-creator tool to create online menus for visitors.

Some food recipes are also displayed alongside images to give you a characteristic look of what to expect. The layouts of the designs we see in eateries today are made with the help of this theme. This theme makes the website flexible even on small devices that use the Android OS, iOS, and Microsoft OS. There is a mobile display that can be interchanged with a desktop display if you need a wider view.

3. Goran Theme

This theme is an ideal one for a user that wants to promote or broadcast an upcoming social function. If you need to announce a reunion, birthday party, wedding, house-warming, etc Goran is the right one. The usage is smooth; there is no need for a tech-savvy to handle it.

There are features for effective advertisement on the theme. As an add-on, social media icons are available for users. You can share whatever information you want to pass across via different media accounts. You can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Any information on the media spreads faster than wildfire.

4. Zilla Theme

Zilla is another wonderful theme with an amazing color palette. The theme enables a fast load on clicking the website. Zillah is an ideal theme for social media influencers and bloggers. It contains features for successful campaigns for big brands. You can make logos with widgets and templates.

Zillah is SEO-friendly, it reduces stress when preparing content for publication. Influencers use this theme because it has wonderful features for reaching a large number of people on the media. A theme like this would surely have a tab to link up content with social media.

Websites are nothing but a dull scroll of pages and contents without the best themes. For commercial purposes, no matter the type of business you run, WordPress got the right theme for you. If you need themes for premium purposes, WordPress got your back. The themes generally have a wonderful color palette, social media icons links, advanced slides, and many other amazing features.

Check WordPress themes today and pick the best for your intended purpose.

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