Proper link building is one of the most crucial aspects for your business to make it big. And nowadays, many enterprises are doing what it takes to make a presence in the virtual world and the real world. So, for today’s piece, we will delve deep into what else you need to know regarding link building for this year. Besides, we will find out how link building tools work and influence success. We have a lot of ground to cover, so we better get things started.

Link Building Tools You Can Give A Go

If you are having a hard time finding tools that can make your life easier, then you’ve come to the right place. Reaching out to websites is something you can do on a manual scale, but the right tools can save you a lot of things, such as effort, time, and even cash. These tools will benefit you a lot, regardless if you have plans to run a guest blog, a broken link-building endeavor, or simply want to find more ways for your business to climb up the search ladder.


SEO professionals prefer to use Ahrefs, one of the world’s leading link-building software programs. It highlights a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Keyword searching
  • Site SEO auditing
  • Content exploration
  • Link intersection

Ahrefs has many advanced technical features. But the best part is that it is user-friendly, especially for individuals who are not keen on tech stuff. It costs $90 to $999 per month. The bottom line right now is that if you have plans to invest in only one link-building tool, Ahrefs is your best bet.

  • Linkody

Linkody is another user-friendly tracker for backlinks. It is also one of the cheapest link-building programs available, but it does not compromise quality and function at all. It costs $14 to $140 a month, and it offers several features you can’t find in other link-building tools. Linkody is a perfect choice if you are starting with a limited budget.

  • Raven Tools

Do you feel like keeping an eye on your competitors? Do you want to know what they are using to outrank you and stay one step ahead? Raven tools have the answer to all of this. It boasts a toolbox with searching and reporting features for the following aspects.

  • Backlink analysis
  • Website auditing
  • SEO data
  • Social reports
  • Rank data

Like most of the tools in this list, Raven Tools is easy to navigate through. The lowest plan for it is $39 that comes with a trial period of seven days.

  • GroupHigh

Finding bloggers and blog sites can be quite a task. You have to search far and wide to find them. Good thing GroupHigh is here to lend you a hand. The tool works wonders if you are aiming for link-building. It also works well if you have plans to promote your content. The starting plan for GroupHigh amounts to $179. Technically speaking, GroupHigh is not a link-building tool. However, there are dozens and dozens of SEO branches and agencies that employ it. It provides an efficient way to run their link-building endeavors.

  • JustReachOut

JustReachOut works much like GroupHigh, only this time you focus on journalists and pitch reporters instead. Public relations can contribute so much when it comes to link building. And if you do it properly, you can land yourself with numerous high-value links from some high-authority news and information websites. Some of these enterprises include Forbes, Tech Crunch, and The New York Times. The pricing for JustReachOut is $99 to $699 every month. This link-building tool can help you so much if you want to mention the press and get relative links.

  • Moz Link Explorer

This link-building tool allows you to reverse-engineer your competitor’s links and other data. It is an ideal analysis tool. And experts in the field consider it the second-best in the market, with Ahrefs being the first.

Moz link can do the following.

  • Navigate through a domain.
  • Check web link metrics like a site’s domain authority or DA.
  • Analyze anchor text in a backlink profile.

Many people use Moz Link Explorer to find out if there is black hat link building going on for a specific domain.

  • Screaming Frog

Experts consider Screaming Frog as some form of Swiss army knife for link building, and we have to agree. It serves as a multi-purpose website crawler that gathers and extracts data and information from numerous sources. Once extraction is over, it audits the info so that searching is not tedious at all and maximized at the same time. And possibly the best part about Screaming Frog is that it has free and paid plans. Plus, you have the option to purchase a license that grants you unlimited data source access and other reliability features.

  • NinjaOutreach

Outreaching is like a walk in the park with NinjaOutreach. This link-building tool is similar to GroupHigh and others in this list. It has a database comprising more than a million influencers, and we can only wish we are kidding. Unlike other outreaching platforms, it focuses more on SEOs. One prominent feature of the platform is the use of premade templates. These templates can work for numerous link-building endeavors. Some of these campaigns include the following.

  • Testers invitation
  • Link requesting
  • Infographic promotion
  • Broken link building

The pricing plays around $69 to $599 per month.

  • CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO is one of those few link-building tools that allow you to run a background check on websites and find out if there is something shady going on with them. You can check your own, too, if you feel like it. This back check is its most unique feature, but other than that, it works just like Ahrefs and Moz Link Explorer. It offers a free trial, but if you want to advance the usage, you can pay for it with a monthly fee of $99.


We can mention a lot of contact information tools for this piece, but that might take more than one article to cover. So we have done you the job of finding the best one there is. Not only is quick-paced when it comes to delivery, but it also pitches you with accurate results. The tool scours and pulls all the data it can from all sources available. It also highlights a feature where you can verify emails. There is a free plan for Hunter. And the paid ones amount up to $399 a month.

Some Do’s And Don’ts

Link building is a tricky undertaking. So here are some things you can practice, as well as some things to avoid.


  • Be wary when considering paid links. Pay only the sites that are similar to your content and those that scream authority.
  • You can also practice self-linking. This aspect is ideal for boosting your value, albeit it might be slow.
  • You can take advantage of high-profile clients, as they are the best sources for link building and related matters.
  • If you are daring enough, you can also attract the news by creating content that draws attention. Doing so can generate thousands of links immediately.
  • Consider running a blog. It can help spread your content and attract potential clients and other interested parties. It is also one way to update, share, and showcase what you have to offer for customers and visitors alike.
  • Work hard for quality links. They will benefit you so much when the time comes.


  • No matter what you do, never put up content on a search engine, and highlight a different one to your audience. People call this practice cloaking. It can affect SEO on an unprecedented scale.
  • Never inject links. It is a fact that it can generate a lot of links and traffic. But the downside is that it will affect your website after a while.
  • Do not manipulate data and mess around with external links. There is a chance that Google or other engines will take notice.
  • Don’t trade links with numerous high-profile websites. It is a black hat technique, and it can land you in a lot of trouble.
  • Never include irrelevant links for your target audience. They will see it as spam and think of it as a mere waste of time.

The Last Word

Link building is an investment. Results do not arrive overnight. It is a process that requires patience and effort, but the results are rewarding. These tools can lend you a hand and a welcome boost to make your climb smoother and faster. There might be more that we have failed to mention, but these alone can work wonders and make your content worth checking out.