Being on vacation and having a car at your disposal is great. You can go anywhere, even places that you would not easily reach otherwise. You can take your groceries to your crib in one go and you can take all your things with you when you go for a walk or go to the beach for example. Not everyone can bring their car with them on vacation, of course. That is why you decide to rent a car when you go on vacation. And at EasyTerra, they make this very easy for you.

Compare rental car providers

EasyTerra is a comparison site for rental cars. Suppose you want to rent a car in Pisa, which translates to auto huren in Pisa in Dutch. You will then look at that location at EasyTerra. You select what you need from your car, such as how big it has to be and how many seats and doors you want. You can also specify the date of collection and return. EasyTerra shows all providers who have something available. Not only large parties such as Europcar and Hertz but also small and local car rental companies. This way you can see where the rental car is the cheapest

Rental car inside and outside Europe

You could rent a car in Florence too, which means auto huren in Florence in Dutch. This works exactly the same. However, you could also rent a car in different places in Europe. This can be useful if you are going on vacation to the Netherlands for example. You could even compare rental cars outside of Europe with the help of EasyTerra. You can book immediately as well. You then book the rental car of the provider via EasyTerra. You can pick up the car at the provider’s place and bring it back there too. This usually is the same location, although this is not a requirement. 

Collecting and returning at different places

For larger rental companies, the rental car can be returned at another location in the same country. This usually is not a problem, although it is advised to research this possibility before you actually book the rental car. It could also be possible that you are planning on driving through multiple countries in the rental car. In most cases, this will cost more money. It is not even always possible unfortunately. Many rental car providers do not allow you to cross the border with the car. 

Drive through several countries

If you are planning on taking the rental car through several countries during the vacation the shore can be useful. You could, for example, fly to a location, pick up the car there, and then return it in the Netherlands. You could also do it the other way around: depart from the Netherlands, return the rental car at the airport abroad, and fly back from there. The options are limited though, so you should certainly research this possibility. 

Worry-Free label for the best deal

Are you going for a simple collection and return at the same place and you still find the range quite large? You could then select the EasyTerra Worry-Free label. By doing this you will see rental cars that meet a number of requirements that make the rental car a good deal. These cars for example have unlimited kilometers, good customer experiences, and a favorable fuel policy. A rental car with a Worry-Free label is thus a good deal without any doubt. You can find this all at EasyTerra.