Since the Internet was born, there had been significant changes in how businesses market their brands. As a business owner, your company’s online presence is a crucial element to help it grow. But simply having a website or an online page isn’t enough for businesses to survive in today’s digital business marketplace. A great website or page is useless without traffic anyway.  

Nowadays, how you market your brand digitally makes the difference. With the help of many agencies, like All Points Digital, small or large businesses can avail of digital marketing services to aid them in building a robust online presence and maintain their profitability.

Digital Marketing Trends This 2021

Before you hire a digital marketing company to get the job done for you, you should know first the type of strategy you need to focus on, specifically this year’s marketing trend.


  • Know the Significance of Video Marketing


Video content can be a great tool to market your business this year. It’s a great way to introduce your brand and educate your audience about it. Many marketing experts say that it plays a huge part in some businesses’ increasing conversion rate. Most people won’t buy a product or service they don’t understand, and using video content helps companies explain their brand in a more accessible and convenient way for consumers. It’s one of the trending marketing phenomena this 2021 and can remain for the following decades to come. 


  • Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help businesses in so many ways. It has shown significant contribution on sales of the companies that embrace and incorporate it into their marketing strategy.  

A good example is the use of big data in market research. Many companies have been using various data categories from surveys, phone conversations, and purchase histories, among many others. This information is then fed into machines that analyze and study them to understand consumer behavior, preferred goods and services, and other areas of marketing.

AI is also gradually replacing humans in the customer service field through chatbots that answer customer queries. Some people even claim that they prefer this type of assistant over customer service agents. This is because chatbots are available any time of the day, and they can efficiently answer queries whenever they need them. They can also easily pull up customer’s account history and provide answers on time. 

Accurate information and fewer errors are also some of the positive features that AI can provide. These are just some of the reasons how technology is dictating digital marketing trends, which a business owner should be aware of.


  • Utilize the Power of Influencer Marketing


Word-of-mouth marketing has already changed. Social media made it possible for businesses to improve the traditional way of spreading positive feedback. Nowadays, many social media influencers utilize their massive number of followers to introduce their advocacies to the public.

Businesses saw this opportunity and now use this channel to promote and create awareness about their brands. Many have learned to partner with social media influencers to either do a positive review about their brand or to show their audience that influencers are using their brand. This is called influencer marketing, which is one of the hottest digital marketing trends this year.

Influencer marketing can be an effective marketing technique as it doesn’t entail hard-selling tactics, unlike what people see in commercials and other advertisements on television. Besides, having an influencer review, your brand somehow results in genuine feedbacks, which leaves a positive impact on their viewers. 

With people spending most of their spare time on their phones, influencer marketing is one of the strategies that you as a business owner should tap into. In case you haven’t done or started on it yet, you’re putting your business at risk of falling behind its competitors.


  • Study How Consumers Search for Products and Services 


Many online shopping platforms have already implemented visual search in their applications and websites, and this trend has shown significant growth over the past years. This is because experts see a lot of limitations in text-based search. It limits users in finding what exactly they’re looking for if they don’t know how to describe it in words. 

With the use of advanced artificial intelligence, visual search gives more accurate and related results to consumers’ inquiries. This gives them a positive user experience, as they can find what they need conveniently. 

Final Thoughts

The competition in the digital marketing world is getting more challenging each year as new technology gets introduced almost every day. Despite this, you, as a business owner, shouldn’t be left behind. Keep your business up-to-date with yearly digital marketing trends and utilize every possible channel, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.