A backyard is filled with endless design possibilities. Homeowners can turn this space into something practical, such as a garden. They can also do something more cosmetic that will add value to the property. The ball is in your court! Let’s discover what creative backyard renovation best fits your vision.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

Many people think of a backyard as just a place for the kids to play or as a comfortable backyard barbecue space. Why rely on just grass and a concrete patio? You may be missing out on some of the best things in life. There was a time, long before Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers Market, when people grew their own food in fresh gardens that they personally owned.

Interior designs and other real estate professionals are paying more attention to sustainable renovation ideas like this. Home Offer Solutions prioritizes backyard renovations for people that plan to sell their house after owning it for a few years. A sustainable backyard garden can add value to a property for the right kind of home buyer.

By turning a substantial part of your backyard into an emporium of healthy food, you kill two birds with one stone. You can not only save a ton of money, but you’ll discover new taste sensations from freshly grown vegetables. For example, have you ever eaten a bright, red tomato straight from a garden? It’s unbelievable!

Woodland Garden


Are you tired of mowing the lawn like some kind of trained robot? Don’t have kids to corral?

Then why not get rid of the grass entirely and create a woodland garden? Design a water garden someplace within the space and add a bench to relax and read on.

A woodland garden backyard is a perfect place to enjoy and experience quiet amid the hustle of life. You can add a path around the garden, and avoid the concrete look of a typical sidewalk. Instead, make a path of uneven stones. This will make a space of old-world charm.

Surround your garden with selected bushes to produce greenery and shade, and plan a small water pool of various aquatic plants. Many people also add a delightful touch by adding koi fish or similar aquatic fish and animals. Remember, your backyard does not need to look identical to your neighbor’s sodded bluegrass.

Circle Garden

A circle garden is one of our favorite backyard designs. Basically, you still have lawn space, but they are divided up by stone pathways circling the garden. Instead of having one big patch of grass, you divide your yard into circular patches, similar to a golf green. Then a path is made around each “green” with circular stones. A circle garden is more difficult to design on your own. Many people hire a landscaper to assist with this. Either way, you should consider following these basic principles:

  • Plan for two or three generally circular islands of grass. The circular islands should be slightly irregular, not perfectly round.
  • Get creative with shrubbery.
  • Lay your stones in a circular pattern surrounding the island.

Two-level Garden

You can have grass for the kids to play with and plant flowers in a two-level garden. People normally use brick and cement here to create two levels of a garden, leading to the top floor which transitions from garden to lawn. Creative options are endless with this type of garden design.

By letting your creative juices flow, your backyard can turn into an oasis for you to cultivate from, or simply relax in. Depending on your overall space, that may point you in a certain direction. You can use different materials to give each type of garden its own, unique style and flair.