Accidents are bound to happen. If you drive at some point, no matter how many precautions you take things are going to happen that are out of your control.  People know this, that is why they have insurance. The good thing about insurance is you will get compensated for accident and all the costs it ensued. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Insurance companies are also businesses. They want to make profits. But insurance companies are saying that the profit margin is reducing day by day. So insurance companies are going to fight hard to keep the costs to a minimum.

How a lawyer settles

As soon as you hire a lawyer they will take care of the following things – Medical records, Employment records, Property damage estimates, Police reports, Witness statements, Photographs,Video evidence, Estimates of lost financial advantage, and Estimates of costs of future medical care. They gather all the information and build a case. But in the mean time, the insurance company is also looking into your case and investigating for loopholes. So, the lawyer has to build a strong case for you.

How the insurance company handles

As soon as your lawyer will open negotiations with the insurance company, they will immediately demand a formal settlement. The Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago can negotiate with the insurance company and hopefully reach a just settlement. 95% of the car accident insurance cases do not go into trial. The insurance company offers a reasonable settlement. However, an insurance company could deny or low-ball a claim for any number of reasons. So, your lawyer must also not over-claim.

Going into trial

As mentioned earlier, 95% of the cases are settled in court. That’s why going into trial is not always an option. But if a case goes towards trial then additional evidence may come to light. You might also learn through the discovery process that memories faded or certain witnesses are no longer available. Thats why you must monitor these developments with your attorney closely. There are many issues that rise during trials. It may take years, thats why sometimes you may reach a point where you believe settlement is in your best interest and accept the insurance company’s offer. The insurance company may also feel the same way.