Reddit is a popular platform for communicating and promoting your site. Many users try to add hidden advertising to their posts and comments to increase traffic and create backlinks on the popular online platform. However, many user advertisements are removed by moderators. This happens for violating the rules for publishing content. We’ve put together detailed instructions on how to write posts and comments on Reddit without risking deletion. It will help you improve the reputation of your profile.

Subreddit’s creation rules

First, we need to understand the rules for creating Subreddits. Reddit ( has a complex structure. All communities are divided into different Subreddits. To create a new publication, your account must be active for at least 30 days. You are also required to have a minimum of 500 cards. You can earn a positive reputation by commenting on the posts of other users. Only then you can create your Subreddit and share some information or links to your site in it.

How to write a post on Reddit to get it to the top

There are a few rules of thumb that can help you get your post to the top:

  1. Attach a relevant illustration (picture, photo, map, screenshot, GIF). Establish a visual connection with users.
  2. Don’t forget about storytelling. This is a very cool tool for any content. Everything needs to be pitched “in person”.
  3. Write in the first person. Forget “we,” “our team,” “our company” if you’re writing about a project.
  4. Format the text. Use lists, bold, to divide the text into paragraphs. One paragraph – one thought.
  5. At least 300 words in one publication. Avoid short, meaningless posts. Always cover the subject. But do not overdo it, since a long article is of no use here.
  6. Keep your writing simple, easy and informative. Always try to write ELI5 (the principle: “explain it to me like a five-year-old”).

You also need to be an active user and interact with other users. The most effective way to earn karma is by quoting other users’ posts. Reposting someone else’s comment will get you to success much faster than any original content. It’s hideous, but it’s effective.

There was a study done in 2013 that showed shocking statistics. Over a 17-day period, more than 52% of the content that reached the home page had already appeared on Reddit before. In the same 17 days, not several years earlier.

Use these tips to get more karma on Reddit.