UGears models are designed for those who want to do a little handwork like assembling a mechanical puzzle but are not yet ready to turn into an artisan and dive into woodcarving. UGears’ unique 3D puzzles produce handsome, fully functional, self-propelled mechanical models as a result of the assembly.

Things in Common

Features shared by all UGears wooden model kits for adults:

  •  Patented constructions
  •  Each kit surprises with one or more functions
  •  Assemble wooden puzzles without glue or special tools
  •  Suitable for hobbyists over 15 years old
  •  UGears mechanical models are available as ready-to-assemble sets
  •  All UGears 3d puzzles are made of high-quality plywood
  •  3d puzzles for adults guarantee an unforgettable time spent together with your loved ones

All 3d wooden puzzles for adults that you can find on the website are equipped with everything needed for assembly. High quality and accuracy of fit of all components are guaranteed by the laser technology used, a lot of technical know-how, and uncompromising quality control.

There are over 90 models in the product range. The Hurdy Gurdy and Treasure Box are among the most popular.

Hurdy Gurdy

The Hurdy Gurdy puzzle was designed after an original musical instrument, the wheel fiddle from the Middle Ages. It can be played like this well-known instrument. A medieval design was supplemented with technical achievements of the 21st century, resulting in a unique musical instrument that can also be constructed in 3D. The richly decorated body is made entirely of wood (except for the strings, of course), and it has a romantic style.

Treasure Box

You can assemble a detailed, real safe with a 3-digit combination lock. All individual steps are described in detail in illustrated step-by-step instructions. Remember that it is impossible to open the safe without destroying it. The safe makes a great gift and always provides entertainment. And it is also a nice way to store warm memories.