A creator, a no-name, and a believer with no fame enter the bar,and the bartender says “ what do you want, a modern musician onSpotify?” Well, that was rough. Don’t take it personal. Maybestarting with such a joke was not a good idea after all. But I hopeI didn’t scare you off. So, let’s talk.

Today’s topic is relatable to almost every person reading this,especially if the person reading this is a musician. I would liketo raise the topic of obstacles on our way of becoming popular. Asa musician, I understand the problems we are facing every day,especially in the modern conditions of the music industry. It feelslike it became too competitive. Ten years ago, no one even dreamtof world fame, but now – everyone is. And with the growth ofambitions, the challenges became harder. It came to a point, when amusician can’t succeed without realSpotify promotion.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that music promotion is bad.It is great, and if it exists – then it is needed. No judgementhere. All I am saying is that the industry has changed. Now thealgorithms are ruling the world, they rule our music taste, ourmoods. And we can do nothing about it. The progress can’t bestopped, so we need to adapt. We absolutely have to make changes inthe way we present our music, and pay attention to its promotion.Without that we will lose.

If your career is worth something to you, if your music is allthat keeps you afloat in all the cruelty of this world, you have tomake this sacrifice. If you despite music promotion and call itunfair – you have to drop those thoughts and do that promotion.Those algorithms like seeing growth, so if you want to succeed onSpotify, you have to show that growth. No matter how, but you haveto do it. Ask a hundred friends to listen to your song, like it,and follow you up. And it will give you a small boost. But if youdon’t have a hundred friends, the only option left for you is tobuy music promotion. Yeah, no way around it.

Of course, you can choose the longer route, and spend yearsbuilding your audience. But you never know what ends faster, yourpatience or desire to do something. Seeing no success for a longtime is hard emotionally, and this fact alone breaks a lot of greatmusicians. There are thousands of accounts that don’t upload musicanymore, because the creators gave up. But you can skip all thosetroubles with the help of music promotion. But if you feel that youcan deal with all the troubles I’ve mentioned – your choice is along and hard route. But I wish someone had told me about promotionearlier, my life would’ve been much better in those tough years.So, it is only up to you to choose your path. And I hope thatyou’ll get something from this text. Peace!