Popularly known for barbecue and its jazz heritage, Kansas City packs quite a punch when it comes to exploring this beautiful city in Missouri. From all over the world, people travel to this city in order to get away from their busy life and enjoy its smoked meat and music. But these 2 are not the only things that people do in this city.

Do you know what all things Kansas City is famous for? Besides the mountains and its music, there are many more attractions and fun activities captivating the travelers. Here we share with you our list of top 5 best things you can do in the Kansas City.

Kauffman Memorial Garden

This garden was a gift from Ewing Kauffman and his wife Muriel to the Kansas City. With an area of 2 acres, this beautiful garden mimics the architecture of the parks in Europe. It is a beautiful place to visit if you ever plan on sight seeing. The smell of flowers here is soothing and relaxing to the nerves.

It truly marks one of the best places to visit in the Kansas City.

Fountain Hopping and Shopping

Well, these 2 pack the best adventurous day anyone can ever has. The oldest fountain of the city dates back to 1899, making it a historic, yet beautiful sight to see. And a surprising number, Kansas City has over 200 fountains spread over its area, out of which 48 are open for public to visit.

After enjoying the various fountains, head over to the Country Club Plaza, the premiere shopping destination of the city. No matter what is the month or the weather, this plaza is ever booming with shoppers from all over the world. With architecture inspired by Spanish heritage, this is an appealing place to go to and shop for every kind of traveler.

Owing to these wonderful adventures, many people have sold their houses through KC Property Connection and bought even bigger places in the heart of the city. Such activities and the aura of the city let people desire to have a beautiful house of their own.

Kansas City Zoo

It marks another one of the great activities you can do here in the city that will help you spend another day full of enjoyment. You can take a family trip to the zoo where you would have a chance to see the African elephants, penguins, leopards and many more kind of incredible species.

This zoo will also let you witness the intellect and skills of these animals like interactions of the monkeys, painting activities of the elephants, and so much more.

Boulevard Brewing Co.

If you are fond of beer, then this is a must go to place for every adult. But yes, only for adults!

You can take a tour of this brewery for free and even taste various kinds of beer they produce. Through this, you can get to know the locally sourced high quality ingredients that go into the making of these finest beer.

Don’t forget to enjoy every fine detail of beer.

Various Museums

This city has so many museums, that it will take you several days to enjoy all. Some of the best museums that Kansas City is the host to, includes Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art, Nelson Atkins Museum, The National Museum Of Toys And Miniatures, Arrowhead Stadium, Leila’s Hair Museum among many more.

Don’t forget to have a day full of blast when you travel to Kansas City!