Music is a universal language. This is proven by the fact that people listen to different language songs worldwide. Even the popularity of instrumental music is a huge proof to this. Music and audio lovers are in constant search for platforms where they can binge listen to the favourites.

The monetary factor can at times be a deterrent in the process. Not everyone is willing to pay heavy subscription fees. So some are even downloading songs from popular download lagu websites. And besides this, there are many other Free To Download platforms that come to rescue in such a case.

Available For FreeĀ 

Not many people are aware that there are some classic platforms that provide free audios. These audios can be listened to and can even be downloaded. It’s like a treat for audio lovers. Each platform on this list has a pedigree and that makes it a more reliable source.


Jamendo was the first music sharing platform to share music for free. The concept of Creative Commons Licenses was started by Jamendo. It has a huge catalog that contains 500,000 tracks contributed from over 150 countries. The music can be steamed live without any sign in. For downloaded one needs to do a simple sign in.


Free Music Archive (FMA) is a company that you can rely on for your music needs. This company was founded in 2009. The parent company of FMA was WFMA radio channel. The access on the website is for free music, licensed music and its original music.

According to the website, tens of millions of daily visitors and downloads are experienced by the website. Most of it is by personal users. The music from FMA has a variety of users ranging from use in personal videos, school projects, games, apps, podcasts and films. Genre-wise search and sorting options are available on FMA.


SoundClick features in this list for its simplicity. The tracks available on this website are in MP3 format. Users can create their own SoundClick stations. Although, there are a few tracks that are only available for purchase. Usage is Sign Up based and unique profiles pages can be made.