An international marketing manager, also known as a global marketing manager, is responsible for maximizing the company’s global market share and its profits efficiently. The international marketer knows all the vital aspects of international market trends and trending products that meet international requirements.

International marketing managers also make profitable pricing strategies. They develop a top-notch business marketing plan that can work internationally. If you are running an online business then you really need a professional and expert international marketing manager services like SEO Ibérica.

You can see different job titles but finally, have the same job duties usually available on an international marketing manager job description like International marketing manager, global marketing director, international marketing officer, global marketing professional, and international marketing specialist, etc.

Marketing Manager Versus Marketing Director

There is a slight difference between a marketing manager and a marketing director. It depends on the company. Normally the director’s position is higher than the manager’s rank.

International marketing managers’ positions, qualifications, and experience are higher than local marketing managers’ level, education, and working experience.

Qualification of International Marketing Manager

Normally, an international marketing manager has at least a bachelor’s degree especially in business administration or marketing as well as good experience in the field of advertising, marketing, public relations, or promotional projects. They have a busy working schedule and may work in their offices more than 40+ hours a week on average. Sometimes they need to travel during their working hours.

A big number of top-level international marketing managers do internships in any good marketing firm during the last year of their education or afterward. They get their positions by gradual promotion from junior roles in reality.

Sometimes companies require certification marketers. Some industries prefer the individual with specific industry marketing experience. For instance, the American Marketing Association – AMA offers digital marketing and sales management certifications. AMA certification holders can get jobs easily in e-commerce sales projects.

Global Marketing Manager Capabilities and Skills

Global marketing managers should be able to create and generate modern and innovative ideas as well. Their business communication skills are high in comparison with other types of jobs. In addition to it, international marketing managers who are fluent in not only English but also other top international languages are in high demand. The reason behind this is that they have to deal with their clients from different countries.

Key Duties of International Marketing Manager

  • Attend international conferences to promote its company. Keeps eye on special events and trade shows for the firm’s product or services marketing opportunities.
  • Promotes different marketing programs to analyze and optimize sales growth.
  • Recruits sales staff as well as hold workshops for sales staff training so that they may work according to their company requirements. It also leads its sales team as well.
  • Maintain link and liaison with local and regional trade organizations and industry to hunt marketing opportunities very well.
  • Cooperate with other departments for making strategic decisions.
  • Monitor all the marketing budgets and ensure better marketing progress utilizing set budgets.
  • Performs product marketing in the targeted areas and analyzes the result.
  • Maintain and develop professional contacts with clients, consultants, global/international marketing representatives, and manufacturers.
  • Play its role in the evaluation and development of marketing budgets in line with marketing strategies. Additionally, he minimizes the total cost of marketing.
  • Collaborates plans and strategies with international and local agencies.
  • It manages the legal approval process for different areas and territories well.

A lot of companies, whether they are e-commerce businesses, traditional manufacturers, or specific service provider firms, need a reliable marketing manager.

If you are running a multinational company then you have to hire a fully skilled, certified, and experienced international marketing manager like “The Gist People”. These highly capable and professional global marketing managers can play their roles in your business growth and development perfectly.

Key Questions to Ask International Marketing Manager Candidates

An international marketing manager should have great experience both in the technical and creative factors of marketing. In other words, they should be experts in coordinating with designers to create videos and images, collaborate with copywriters who write for their target audience using various platforms, creating technical reports, and KPIs (key performance indicators) tracking.

Here are some of the most important FAQs to ask international marketing managers individuals or agencies:

Q1. What Digital Marketing Channels Do You Have Experience?

It is a very vital question to ask international digital marketing candidates. An able candidate will provide you with this information in response to your question.

  • List of channels they have experience in (including marketing campaign, project management, optimization, plus reporting)
  • Total years they used these platforms or channels for marketing and their working results on these channels.
  • Any valuable and authentic certification. Expert international digital marketers can learn and use different marketing channels regardless of this factor that they have not used the marketing channel you use in your organization.

Though, you can decide on hiring them in the light of their current expertise in the marketing channels and their learning zeal.

Q2. What Campaigns Have You Worked on and What Was Your Role?

There are chances that digital marketing candidates say that they have worked in a marketing campaign, though you should confirm it yourself. You can determine how important roles they had played in the success of the marketing campaign. It is compulsory to know if they are capable of running marketing campaigns successfully and executing effective marketing strategies.

You should ask the candidate about their responsibilities in the marketing project or campaigns, their role in strategy making, the result of their marketing project including its duration, and the availability of other workers in this project such as designers, web/app developers, and copywriters, etc.

Q3. What Do You Expect to Achieve in 90 Days?

All business owners should set expectations very consciously before hiring marketing managers. It is very important to avoid future business marketing issues. Finally, setting expectations without any analysis of marketing manager candidates is not only a waste of time but also may be a costly decision for firms.

You should ask the candidate about its strength to achieve the marketing target in three months (short-term goals) as well as in one year (long-term goals). This factor will help you make your mind about hiring them or not which depends on their response to these questions and their strength to achieve the marketing goals in the given duration.

Above mentioned questions will allow enterprises to hire the best marketing managers for their business, know their strengths and weak areas, recognize their talent and expertise, and know their strategy-making capabilities for a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Substitute Options to Global Marketing Manager

The international marketing manager can be modified, though it depends on how you want to work in this field in the future. You can decide to go to a marketing director-level position or to change your job field after getting experience. Some jobs can be alternatives to marketing manager career like:

1. Market Research Analyst

As the position name suggests, a market research analyst studies the market’s trends to know what products will sell easily and how much customers will buy them. It is a strict job that’s why market research analysts should be not only hardworking but also experts in mathematics.

A market research analyst’s qualification should be a bachelor qualified to master degree holder. Though for research-related tasks at least a master qualification is a must with some research analysis experience.

2. Manager of Sales

They work as sales representatives and sales team leaders for their firms. In addition to this, they set sales targets, analyze sales information/data, and train sales staff as well.