It would be too easy a metaphor to refer to Digital Web Solutions for digital marketing as just the oxygen for a business. Digital marketing is more the blood that keeps the system running and capable of function. 

The above metaphor is enough to highlight the major role digital marketing has to play when it comes to businesses, no matter how big or small. Creating a brand is only ever the first step. A brand needs to promote and connect with prospective customers so that it can survive in the market for long.

Here are 10 essential digital marketing tools that everyone must know:




MailChimp is a very efficient email marketing tool and is very simple to use as well. To have an email chain, one just needs to ensure opt-ins from users. These are tricky to get as users don’t usually like to enter their emails and addresses for spam mails. So, one must first make sure the emails are welcome, a user knows what they are about to sign up for, and then accept. 

To make the users agree to opt-ins is the hard part that means the content needs to be relevant for the users. Once you can crack the content it is easy to market through emails with this simple tool. MailChimp offers various optimizations like segmentation and scheduling emails so that marketing can be smoother and way easier. 




The greatest advantage of using Trello is that it makes team collaboration easier. Before teams had to rely on email interactions which is fine, but it still gave a lot of room for miscommunications. With Trello, that gap can be easily filled. 

 It is management software and is designed to help make tracking of projects, their projects, and updates easier to access and organized for the whole team. It has a very visual approach for projects and is mainly a huge whiteboard with all the tasks assigned on it with ease. 

It can be customized and teams can engage, leave comments or highlight the changes needed for the whole project in a way that is easier to understand. It provides all the information for all the members about activities, tasks, and emails and even allows voting for team decisions. 

All of these applications help make working very smooth and fun which is great for a workforce. 




HubSpot is a very reliable inbound marketing software that helps businesses to manage and organize all inbound marketing activities in one place. This helps make the process very simple and ensures quality supervision of the analytics and scheduling. One of the best parts about HubSpot is that it allows creators to edit their websites and eliminates the need for hiring an outer workforce for the same. 

Its calendar helps make an efficient social media plan that helps in the smooth execution of work and uploads. Like other social media tools we will cover ahead, it helps make SEO easier and get it right. An integrated customer management system ensures happier viewers and better conversions. 


Google Analytics


Be it brands, bloggers or businesses, everyone needs Google Analytics is a web analytics tool and helps provide great insights into the websites easily. It helps track user behaviors and provides various marketing analytics that can be used for better marketing. With a better understanding of the users and their preferences, it becomes easier for websites to cater to their needs and meet expectations. 

It helps give better records of conversion rates as well which helps improve the websites and attract targeted audiences. The data reports provide a depth analysis of website performance and help improve the site performance and ranking. Google Analytics makes it possible for creators to choose which audience on social media to target as they get a smarter look at online trends. This helps them to improve the content on the website as well which helps attract more traffic. 




There is great importance that lies with a good keyword research tool and Ahrefs and Rankwatch are some of the best options available for marketers today. Ahrefs not only helps brainstorm ideas for ranking keywords but also lets you check any chosen URL’s top organic keywords. Knowing the exact keywords that a reader is most prone to search for helps bring a better ranking to the websites. An SEO tool of great quality helps increase page traffic and also analyzes competitor links and performance. 

Ahrefs not only helps users by providing better keyword searches and approaches it also helps them to maintain multiple sites at the same time. A tool that makes it easier to identify broken links, analyze competitor backlinks and maintain site content along with better SEO strategies is a great addition to digital marketing strategies for owners. 




Content holds great importance when it comes to websites and it is only natural that it requires the most work. Various tools help to make a ranking content page on the website and a range of tools can be used to provide the best solutions. Where Ahrefs helps find the top-ranking keywords for a search, BuzzSumo helps analyze the type of content that works best for specific topics. 

It is another such content analytics tool. It helps generate better content ideas, choose the best length for the pages, discover trending topics and analyze competitor links to improve link-building strategies. Content marketers can gain an edge towards locating the best influencers for their content and understand them better as well. 




Canva is a very popular social media tool due to its easy-to-design platform that enables the creation of quality business graphics for all marketing needs. It offers already organized templates that help provide the users with a simple overview of the design already generated that can also be customized to their tastes. The layouts can be changed, photos can be exchanged and various elements can be added to the templates easily. 

It is a very handy tool for designing and can make the whole process seem very effortless with simple drag-and-drop working. The creators need only sit and choose from pre-set templates and still get to stand out from competitors through customizations and special additions available on them.  


With the importance of digital marketing, it’s no surprise that there are a large number of tools that can still be added to this list that can help promote the business through online media and more avenues. It not only helps businesses to tap into larger markets, but it also helps create a connection and engagement with customers. Thus, helping to create a long-lasting bond.