Even though B2B marketers prefer email marketing for effective content marketing, a study by Content Marketing Institute found that 83% of digital marketers also incorporate social media platforms in their content marketing strategies. However, with the constantly evolving social media marketing landscape, finding the right platform for B2B marketing can prove challenging. Outlined below are top social media channels that B2B marketers can leverage for better results.

1. LinkedIn

Despite the recent increase in the popularity of LinkedIn, most B2B marketers still don’t know how to promote their business on LinkedIn. Established in 2003, this is probably one of the oldest networking platforms that are still used today. LinkedIn has more than 722 million active users and is most trusted for its data and privacy standards.

However, unlike Instagram and other social platforms, professionals prefer using LinkedIn for networking, sharing ideas, and content. LinkedIn also ranks first among other social platforms for content distribution. This explains why 97% of B2B marketing experts use it for their content marketing needs.

LinkedIn presents unique opportunities for users to interact with prospects looking for product or service recommendations and industry leaders. Among the top engaging posts on LinkedIn include industry news, polls, career advice, and thought-leadership articles.

2. Twitter

With more than 330 million monthly users, Twitter is another great social network for B2B marketers to engage potential buyers. Marketers can take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to latch into active conversations or discover their customer’s pain points. Brands that engage actively in personalized conversations with customers are viewed as helpful and are trusted.

More than 77% of B2B marketers prefer offering customer support and building customer relationships through Twitter. This is also an excellent place to listen to your customers and gauge brand sentiments. You can do this by searching for mentions, as it displays what your customers and target audience say about your brand.

3. Facebook

Facebook is probably the most popular social network and arguably the best platform to grow your business without much hassle. Boasting of more than 1.84 billion active daily users, it is the best place for B2B marketers looking for a large audience. The platform also reaches an important demographic targeted by B2B marketers; decision-makers in a business. A study found that decision-makers spend up to 74% more time than other users on the platform.

Unlike Twitter, video content is the best content marketing technique to engage Facebook users. You can take advantage of various compelling video content options, such as Facebook Watch and Facebook Live, for this. Like other networks mentioned above, Facebook offers unique opportunities to connect and engage with potential customers directly.

4. Instagram

Instagram is another valuable platform for B2B marketers. However, unlike other platforms, this is a visual platform, meaning that you should focus on visually appealing content. High-quality photos, infographics, and videos perform best on Instagram. Most engaging B2B brands on Instagram also take advantage of user-generated content to engage new audiences looking for personal stories.


Most people think that social media only favors B2C brands. However, B2B marketers still sell products to customers who spend time on social networks. Success requires that you develop an effective B2B social media marketing strategy.

Featured Image Source: PixaHive