Trustly is a service that you could compare a bit with iDeal, which is a Dutch payment service. In other countries they use similar services such as Trustly, which is originally a Swedish company. In the Netherlands you can now also use Trustly to deposit money into the account of your online casino. Go check out a Trustly casino if this is what you want to do! Below you can read more about this payment method. 

Trustly is a Swedish company that specializes in financial technology. Trustly’s financial service is somewhat comparable to iDeal and makes it easy to make online payments for online casinos you can find on for example. The company was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, the capital Sweden. Trustly provides applications for online payment systems that are currently the most widely used in the e-commerce industry. After initially making contacts with internet retailers in Sweden, the online casinos also came into the picture. That is not surprising, because in Sweden a lot of online casinos are located, just like companies that provide the technology for these casinos.

Trustly quickly became a success as a payment method and two years later also opened offices in Malta, where many online casinos are also located. Its success was crowned with “Rising Star” status in 2011 for being the second fastest growing technology company in Sweden. After signing a deal with Groupon and PayPal in 2014, it became one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Around that time, they also launched the Payout Express feature. This feature allows direct payments to bank accounts in the Eurozone. And because Trustly provides its services through TransferWise and PayPal, it means the company has quite a large distribution network.

The advantage of Trustly is that it offers an alternative way to transfer money online. With this payment method you can transfer money quickly and securely, much faster than with a bank transfer, which is nice if you want to gamble. You do not have to wait a few days for the money to be credited to the account of the online casino. Trustly is a perfect alternative if there is no option to pay with iDeal. Depositing money with Trustly in online casinos is free. The well-known reliable online casinos do not charge transaction costs as far as is known. You do not have to create an extra account or sign up for anything if you want to use Trustly. 

Trustly is also safe to use. They have to because they work together with the largest banks. In addition, you do not see in your bank account at which casinos you have deposited or withdrawn. Your bank statements will only show ‘Trustly Group AB’ and not the name of the casino. And a very nice advantage of using Trustly to deposit money is that some casinos give away an exclusive bonus such as free spins when you deposit money with Trustly. This makes your gambling experience even better! 

Featured Image Source: PixaHive