One of the most demanding sports, Football, has a lot of fan following all over the world. The fun and excitement the fans experience during the football tournament is unparalleled. There are many football fans all over the globe who are passionate to watch and rewatch the moments of a football match. There are some who due to workload and uncontrolled circumstances lose out watching the live football match. If you fall in any of these categories, worry not!

Here we look at the best websites and online platforms where you can watch the missed moment in the Football match.

The Best Platform- YouTube

Youtube is for everything. Be it movies, videos, songs, events, or sports, YouTube is here for you. There are many channels on YouTube playing the best moments of the match, having discussions on them, giving reactions on the moments etc. Just type the missed football match name in the search bar, press the Enter key and you can enter the world of football with a list of football match related videos. Go now and enjoy!

Video Bong Da

Video Bong Da is another popular platform people are using to watch the football videos or rewatch the clips they might have missed. This is a Vietnamese website that is gaining popularity not just in Vietnam, but many other parts of the globe.

Video Bong Da provides videos of all big or small tournaments, so that people can enjoy them not only on the website, but also on their phones, laptops or iPads.


A Thai website, Buaskib gives you all the details of the missed match, ranging from the highlights of the match, football news, livescore and other information relating to the upcoming matches. Log in to the Buaksib website, click on the translate option to translate the contents from Thai to English, and get started. In the menu bar,the list of the football league appears. Click on it and move to the highlights section to play the video.


One of the most simplified websites, OKGoals, presents the highlights of previous matches, the schedule of previous and upcoming matches. There are lists of leagues like Portugal, England, Spain, Italy, and others at the top of the page. You need to just click on your favorite league option and choose from the list of matches you want to watch.