Each online casino visitor can win Blackjack playing pokies or visiting the “Live Casino” section. You need to understand the winning combinations of cards, score correctly and apply winning strategies.

Online gambling establishments like https://australiasfirstairmail.com/casino/kingbilly-casino-review/ offer users several types of the game in the Live Casino section, so the participant needs to carefully read the rules because they are different for each type.

Main game’s rules

Blackjack involves 1-8 packs of cards; this number depends on the number of players at the table in the casino and the game’s type. The primary Blackjack purpose is to dial 21 or something close to that and beat the dealer.

When a customer goes over 21, he automatically loses. Count the values:

  • Queen, jack, the king has 10.
  • Ace – 1 or 11 points, depending on what the player needs.
  • Other cards – according to their values (three – 3 points, eight – 8).

The strongest hand is ace and ten, as it gives the required sum of points – 21/

Before the game starts, the player places stakes and the dealer deals the cards one at a time; the participants receive two cards that are the starting hand. After that, the participant draws additional cards to increase the amount of points, if necessary.

When collecting additional cards, the customer needs to keep in mind that the ace has the value of 1 and 11. For example, the sum of the first is 7, the ace is added, the amount becomes 18 or 8, the player can stop with a score of 18 points or continue. If he adds a nine, the amount becomes 17 or 27; the last number does not play, 17 remains.

The results are calculated as follows:

If the playing points of the dealer and the participant are equal, a tie is recognised, and the bet continues to be played.

  • The player has a more valuable hand than the dealer. Then the bet is paid 1: 1.
  • In the case of the blackjack combo, the payout is made at a ratio of 1.5: 1.
  • When the dealer busts, bets are paid out automatically.

The participant can bet a double chip (make a “double”) after the first two cards are dealt, then only 1 card is added. It is beneficial to do this when the initial point total is 10, 9 or 11. The probability of getting 10 points is high, and the player will win a double bet.

If the cards have the same value, the player can split (split) into two parts, adding an equal bet. The split can be done twice, meaning that there will be three combinations on the table with the same stakes. The “split” of aces is made only 1 time, while when a ten is rolled, Выигрыш is counted from 1 to 1, not blackjack.

When the carder gets an ace, he offers to hold against the “blackjack” combination; if it falls, the insurance is paid 2: 1; if it does not fall, he loses. The insurance bet can be no more than half the size of the chip.

You can refuse if the first cards are not satisfied, then the player leaves halftime in the casino. You cannot refuse if the dealer takes an ace for himself.

If the dealer has an ace during the deal, and the player has blackjack, then the game is offered “for equal money”, the payout is made 1 to 1 both in case of a win and a draw.

The primary condition for a successful Blackjack game at an online casino

To become a successful player, to win good money at online casinos, you should, first of all, choose the “right” gambling establishment that has a license, positive reviews and a high rating among its kind. An important point of a successful player is the so-called “clear head”, that is, with a high level of excitement, the player онлайн казино must be able to remain calm, balanced and patient, be able to stop in time or, on the contrary, increase the rates. You also need to read the rules of the games, try your luck in demo mode to gain experience, only then switch to real money.