Today backpacking tents are available in a variety of designs, styles and colors suiting your needs, comfort and style. It is important to note as there are many varieties available the budget and pack weight changes accordingly. Thus you need to choose the best backpacking tents carefully as they are one of the most important gear in your backpacking trip.

It is a difficult decision but there are certain points you can easily rely on to help you choose the correct backpacking tent. You have to know the likely number of sleepers in the tent, the season you are traveling in, weather conditions of the place you are going backpacking to, what will be the daily spendings, the cost of the whole backpacking plan, how much accessible the tent need to be, the ease of the setup, the space and interior in the tent, etc.

Understand the capacity

How many sleepers will be sleeping in the tent? Backpacking tents of different categories are available in the market. There are tents fitting 1 to 4 people. If you read the name of the tent rightly then you can know the capacity it is referring to, for instance, the REI Half Dome 2. Now it is important to understand there are no defined per person dimensions of a tent thus even a 2 person tent size will vary from brand to brand. Some are cozy, some extra compact and some large. Select carefully according to your needs.

Weight of the Backpacking Tent

Backpacking can only be stress free and smooth if there is not much weight load. Opt for tents which weigh low, are reasonably roomy and comfortable for you and your teammates to stay. Sturdy ultralight designer tents are available in the market. If you choose wisely it is a good investment which will help you in all your backpacking plans in future too. But remember the brands use ultralight to gain customers and sometimes the quality of the product does not match the promises made. Check the entire tent carefully while shopping.