The economy of Canada is growing, demanding young, fresh people to join it. The workforce is aging which has led to a unique scenario being created in the country. Senior Candaians are retiring, the job positions are opening up fast with thousands of new jobs being made available by the new and growing companies. The problem is with growing jobs the population is declining. There is demand in the labor market thus Canada is now looking to hire bright foreigners to become their permanent residents.

There are mainly 2 programs through which you can immigrate to Canada without an offer of employment:

First, The Express Entry System

You need to understand the eligibility of the Express Entry System programme before applying for it. An online profile can be created when you meet the requirements. Your information will lead to the calculation of a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score which will decide out of the 3 categories of employment which one suits you the best.

You will be selected either for the Federal Skilled Worker Program for managerial and professional occupations, the Federal Skilled Trades Program for people in trade occupations or the Canada Experience Class for people in managerial or trade occupation but who have at least 1 year experience of working in Canada in their field.

It is important to maximize the CRS to get the best possible opportunity. The competition will be between skilled workers and tradesmen from all across the globe.

Second, The Provincial Nomination Program

You can immigrate to Canada without a job offer by appealing to provinces directly through this program. Each province has their own labor demands. For instance, British Columbia and Ontario are the IT hubs. Thus people who are in the IT and want to work in this province can directly apply here or if you are looking to work as a truck driver or a nurse in these areas you can apply too. The person will only be able to take the jobs in the province applied in.

In this program too your experience, skills and qualifications matter. You can also choose to study in these provinces first and then apply for the jobs here increasing your chances to move to Canada.