You could have the best board game website with top game reviews, but no one will know about it without effective marketing and promotion. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 online marketing tips for promoting a board game website.

You won’t have to shell out loads of money to promote your board game website, as there are many ways to market your site cost-effectively. Here are a few top tips to take a look at.

1. Increase your Ad Presence

It’s essential to run Ads on multiple Ad networks to maximize your marketing strategy. PPC, pay-per-click, is essentially a way of buying visits to your site. Although you’ll pay, the profits due to click results are well worth it. It’s essential to run Ads on multiple Ad networks to maximize your marketing strategy.

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system and helps your business “show up” when people search for your keywords or what you offer.

To attract more customers, PPC tools such as Semrush can sync your data with social and ad channels. They target an audience by analyzing traits, interests, and demographics to find audiences who match your current customers.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has proven effective as it’s a direct form of contact between your site and potential customers. That’s why it’s an important top marketing tip for promoting a site.

Email marketing can also help boost your subscribers and bring more traffic to your site. Sending out relevant messages or newsletters with updates of your website’s content can be shared with a large audience with minimal effort.

You’ll find an array of email marketing services and software that you can tailor to your specific needs. ActiveCampaign is one of the top email marketing software as they are known for their pre-built automation to help personalize your email campaign needs.

3. Boost SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO has increasingly become the most effective way to promote a website, such as a board game website. Why? Because it improves your site’s ranking on Google. Your quality of content and the number of external links you receive all play a role in your ranking.

There are SEO tools like Ahrefs that’ll walk you through SEO and give you compelling data needed to promote your site’s ranking.

4. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media has completely changed how we market and advertise. It’s become a free tool at a business’s disposal to boost brand awareness on multiple platforms to various viewers. It’s vital to build up a following on numerous channels, so look to have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Social media can require a lot of time, so there are many social media analytical tools at your disposal to give you more time to focus on board games. Top monitoring tools like Hootsuite, Talkwalker, and Nexalogy allow you to filter, track and easily analyze data.

Also, using a social media marketing calendar can ensure your posting stays on schedule. With so many networks and platforms available, calendars keep you organized. You can choose the number of posts you plan to share and its details.

5. Quality Content

What’s the reason for drawing attraction to your site when the quality of content won’t keep them engaged? By focusing on providing quality content that’s ‘fresh’ and relevant, you’ll be keeping the audience you’ve gained. Monitor your site’s data using these tools and tips listed above to see what content is working what’s not.

Guest blogging is a great way to attract new audiences and exposure for your website. You can draw in new visitors by writing for a source that would appeal to your target audience and including a link to your site.

Lastly, using links to high-quality sites, known as authority sites, will help improve your ranking, thus promoting your board game website. Make sure to link sites such as Google Scholar, Amazon, and Wikipedia, just to name a few, and you’ll see a boost in website ranking.