There are different types of plumbers to handle the leak in your kitchen, unclog the bathrooms, do a pipe inspection in your office, and take care of repairs at your home. Different plumbers specialize in different jobs. You need to understand the plumbing job to understand the right fit for your work. There are following types of plumbers with their specifications.

Residential Plumbers

When your kitchen sink leaks or the bathroom at home gets clogged, residential plumbers Baton Rouge services are the one you contact immediately. They are the most common plumber types. To work as a residential plumber one can start training after graduating from high school. After the licensing program they can work as an apprentice to get on-the-job training. They get training in pipe fittings, drawings, and construction safety. Apprenticeships take 2-6 years post which they become journeymen and have to pass a licensing exam.

License allows the new plumbers to start their own work. Two consistent years as a journeyman, the plumber then becomes a master plumber after passing both practical and written examinations. When you are looking to hire a residential plumber ask for their license and look for the experience they have in accomplishing the job. Each residential plumber will be specialized in different problems, like some plumbers Baton Rouge will have sanitary plumbing experience, others will ably handle the water supply problems.

Commercial Plumbers

The plumbers working at retail spaces, industrial warehouses, schools, and hospitals are the commercial plumbers who deal with more pipe systems and larger pipes than residential plumbers do. They are called in to install drinking fountains, sprinkler systems, sewer lines in office buildings or maybe working in companies that have large boilers, or doing government work of sewer lines, or lift stations. These professionals in case of emergency work even on weekends and holidays. In their case too they go through rigorous training and have to achieve the license to be a commercial plumber.

Other than the residential and commercial plumbers there are repair and service plumbers who fix and maintain existing plumbing like an issue with a leak in a garden hose, for example or a clogged bathtub. They can be called to fix plumbing problems at a moment’s notice.