Clogged drain caused by soap, food, dirt, hair or other material build up is experienced by nearly everyone at some point in life. The flow of water is affected by the build up material causing the clogging. A moldy smell is released that spreads throughout the home. Skin irritation happens due to the contaminated water within the clogged drain. People suffering from asthma or allergies face problems due to the contamination smell. Professional plumbers Lafayette La are equipped with various plumbing tools to unclog drains.

Inspection of the Pipes

First and foremost the plumber conducts a pipe inspection as they enter the home. You should get the home pipes inspected at least once every 2 years even if there is no clogging. The plumber will do a thorough inspection to tell you the status of the pipe. They will tell you exactly how water is running in the home and alert you in case there are probable leaks or if anything needs repair. In case drain clogs exist the inspection will make the plumber understand the cause of the blockage.

Video Cameras

Pipe cameras help the plumber understand what is going inside the drains and pipes. Using the video camera connected to a cable the plumber will inspect throughout the drain system allowing them to reach the parts of the pipe that couldn’t be reached otherwise. This will help them understand the tool that will be needed to unclog the pipe.


Frequently used to unclog toilets, plunger is the first tool the plumbers Lafayette La use to unclog a drain. Plumbers also use it when they have to light clogs in sinks and showers. If the plunger doesn’t work, the plumber understands the clogging is heavier and requires a different tool for the work.

Manual  & Motorized Drain Snake

A long cable with an end resembling a corkscrew, the manual drain snake is used to crank the cable through a drain. Plumbers use the crank to push the cable through the drain to reach the clog and then maneuver the cable to unclog. Working on the same principles, the plumber also has a motorized drain snake which is meant for bigger pipes and/or a more stubborn clog.