Construction companies need to put more emphasis on digital marketing. Many companies have an outdated view of how they should market their business and assume that word of mouth and other traditional methods are still the main and only way to market a construction business. But they’re wrong. 

Like in virtually any other sector, many of your clients spend almost the majority of their waking time online, and, unless you have a strong presence there, there’s no way for them to know you exist. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your online presence as a construction company.

Learn the Recent Marketing Trends

The first thing you should do is stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing, especially when it comes to AEC marketing trends. Some techniques are tested and true, but some things change, and you need to be ready to adapt. Search engines, for instance, used to not really care about the user experience and didn’t use it as a ranking factor. But, today, if you don’t have a website that performs optimally, your visibility might suffer.

We suggest that you start looking at what works best right now for people in your industry, and, if you feel like you need help, look for a service that has a solid reputation that can help implement those techniques.

Improve Your Website

You cannot start online branding and digital marketing efforts without having a good website. Your site has to run as smoothly and as fast as possible and its structure has to be pleasing to both visitors and search engines. This means looking at the layout and navigation, switching to better hosting if needed, and having an SEO audit performed by a third party to make sure you leave no stones unturned.

Become a Resource

When people interact with your brand online, they should first do so through education. You can release press releases ad nauseam, but if all you do is showcase some projects you’ve worked on, you’ll just get lost in the sea of other companies that do the same thing as you.

Instead of doing this, try to talk about issues your prospective clients would have to deal with and create content that provides a solution. Your services could be part of that solution, but they don’t have to. 

The most important part is having valuable content both on and off your site that will attract the type of people you want. Once a client has learned from you, they are much more likely to look you up and consider you for projects. So don’t assume that you won’t get a return on your investment and effort.

These are things all construction companies could do starting right now to start elevating their brand online. Be ready to put in the work necessary and try to learn as much about different online marketing and branding tactics as you can until you’ve mastered them.