The best gay dating apps that can make your dating easier

A good dating site can be a shortcut straight to your happy relationships: it saves time, unites single people and provides them a convenient platform, and blurs the line between cities, countries, or even continents, because sometimes real love can wait for you somewhere far away. The best gay dating app or site is hard to find: depending on your goals, location, preferences, and expectations, your perfect platform can differ a lot from what most people like to use. Therefore, it takes time to pick the best gay app from the list and enjoy it – but luckily we’re there to make it faster for you! 

Some general information

Gay dating apps has always been popular among LGBTQ+ people: for many years, this way of meeting friends, casual lovers, and long-term partners has been the safest and the fastest for people all over the world. Nowadays, LGBTQ+ people living in modern and liberal countries face much less oppression than they used to, but lots of them still prefer to be careful, so they don’t approach potential partners in real life, and avoid being open about their sexual orientations.

For many gay people, it’s easier to find their friends’ friends and start dating them: this approach allows them to know more about potential partners, their orientations, and their relationship statuses in advance. They can have a small “overview” of the person they like from people they trust and believe, so it’s safe and convenient for them. Unfortunately, not every gay person has a community of gay friends, who can help them find partners, and the dating game becomes not that easy. When you’re a shy and socially awkward person, or just a person who can’t come out and reveal their sexual orientation to their friends, relatives, and coworkers, you often have to find other ways of meeting potential gay partners who can make you happy – and that’s when dating apps for gay men can help you a lot.

It’s not only the opportunity to connect to lots of single people you wouldn’t have met in real life that makes gay apps for men so special – it’s safety, it’s an opportunity to stay anonymous, it’s a chance to know your potential partner better in advance before meeting them in person. Whether you’re seeking true love or just want to find casual dating, you can use a good gay dating app that can make it twice faster and easier – but you need to pick the service that works the best for you.

Let’s pick the best one!

The list of gay apps grows annually, because users need it: lots of older platforms seem not modern or popular enough, so users keep looking for something fresh and effective. Ask your gay friends about what apps they use, or look through the list of the best apps we’ve made for you – at least a few of the following services will suit you well!

To find the best gay dating app, you need to understand your goals first. Are you looking for fun without commitment? Are you into something serious and deep that could last for decades? Or maybe, are you ready to move abroad to your potential partner, or to ask them to live with you? All these things influence the services you should look for a lot. When you’re sure about what you need, you can choose to use one of the following services: all of them are popular and convenient, so just pick the one you like the most!

Everyone knows about Grindr

Grindr is a platform that is so famous that it’s fame goes further than the LGBTQ+ community. It’s not a service where singles meet their partners for life, but it’s a gay men app that can find a casual partner for you pretty quickly – the service is convenient and has so many active users, that you will definitely be noticed. The service is safe, and your data will be well-protected, but this gay guys app isn’t for the weak-hearted: unfortunately, some users can be bullied there because they are “too stereotypically gay” or “too feminine”. Some users also claim that they’ve faced race-based superstitions or even oppression there. You should remember that impolite, rude, or just silly users appear anywhere on the Internet: you’ll never be completely safe from trolls or haters, unless the service has a special complicated messaging system. Therefore, if you’re brave enough, and need a short romantic adventure, then it’s time to try Grindr!

Masculine gay men use Scruff

Scruff is one of the gay dating apps that aren’t for everyone: most users there prefer very special types of appearance, body build, and behavior, so the service is perfect for masculine and tough gay guys. If these things don’t describe you, you can still try this site, but don’t be surprised to see some guys being honest that they don’t like fat or “femme” gay men. This can be frustrating and offensive, but dating games have never been fair or free of lookism, and people have their preferences anyway. If you’re a man who describes yourself as a “wolf”, “bear”, “otter”, or “daddy”, like body hair and brutal masculinity, and want to have a partner who is like you, then this gay man dating app can help you a lot.


There’s nothing new you can learn about Tinder: it’s one of the most popular platforms for hookups all over the world, because of its famous swipes, and a huge number of singles of all orientations and genders who have accounts there. It’s definitely not an app for anything serious: it’s just for hookups, and though you can sometimes meet people looking for something more there, they are more an exception, than a rule. If you don’t need a life-long love story, or you only want to date local singles, then use Tinder: its location-based system shows you all available singles in your area, so you can find a few attractive options pretty quickly, and if they happen to like you back, then you can chat with them and arrange a date. Is it an app for gay people only? Not really, but you can meet lots of gay singles there – so if you’re not afraid to be noticed by someone you know in real life, then use it, and enjoy its huge user base.


If you’re tired of Tinder, then use Surge

Surge is one of the gay men dating apps that use the “swipe left\right” system. Everything is simple: you can see single gay men locally and sort them by swiping left or right, and eventually you’ll have a match. This system is extremely popular among different dating services, because it’s simple, game-like, and effective: it saves your time, and allows you to see men living close to you. Unfortunately, you can’t use this service for international dating, or for dating men living in other cities. Also, the whole dating system of this service isn’t perfect for those users who seek long-term relationships: when you swipe left or right withing a few seconds, you don’t usually read people’s personal information, their goals, values, and dreams, so you don’t see them as potential long-term partners.

Choose the time-tested platform Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam has a long history: it’s one of the first gay services online where men could find friends and partners, so it has lots of trust and reliability. Nowadays, the desktop versions of these “classic” dating services aren’t that popular, because everyone uses apps, so Adam4Adam also decided to create a special dating app for its users. If you need a simple and time-tested platform, with huge reputation and lots of users, but you dislike most modern services, then you can use this one: it’s user-friendly, it’s easy to understand how to use it, and it has lots of single men looking for both short-term and long-term love, so you won’t get bored there.

Hornet is for fast love

If you don’t want to settle down and don’t need any serious relationships yet, then Hornet can become the best gay app for you. This platform is used internationally, and its convenient functions allow men to find casual dating partners easily. While some guys you can find there are actually into something serious that lasts, you shouldn’t expect it from everyone there: when a guy’s profile doesn’t tell you exactly whether he’s looking for fun or commitment, you should automatically assume the first. Of course, this service is harder to use for people living in relatively small towns, but it’s a good option for those who’d like to move somewhere else eventually: big cities have more opportunities, and more single gay people to approach, and that’s where Hornet can actually help you the best.


Tser is for gay dating “outside the box”

If you’re a trans person who identifies as a gay or bisexual man, then it might be really hard for you to find a partner online, Luckily, services like Tser can help: this platform is a safe space for online dating for non-binary people of different sexual orientation, so you can feel safe and comfortable there. It’s definitely not a site where you can face any oppression from locals: this service is all about tolerance, acceptance, and inclusivity, so if the best apps for gay dating aren’t convenient enough for you, then this one can be something that you’re looking for.

Do you always have to use only special gay services to find love? Of course not: lots of popular platforms allow users of different sexual orientations to use their platforms conveniently and find love wherever they are. is one of them: being a popular and huge platform with huge experience, it celebrates love in different forms, so it’s welcoming and friendly towards everyone. The platform’s popularity makes it easier for new users to find the platform, so you have more chances to come across someone special there – even though it’s not a special gay site. Even more: the site only allows users to send and receive messages from users who like them back, so you’re automatically safe from misunderstanding, rude users, unsolicited attention, or other things that could spoil your experience. Find both short-term and long-term partners easily, and be sure that your data is well-protected: the site cares about its reputation and safety of its users.