So you’ve done your research and have decided that making a mobile app will help grow your business.

How will you get the process started? The biggest question arises here.

Once you’re ready with your details about creating an android application, look for developers. Now, here’s the catch; would it be best to use a freelancer or a company? Below we’ve giving some helpful information in finding the right choice for you:

Focus and commitment

The main reason why one should hire developers instead of keeping their in-house group for this purpose is focus and commitment—the key advantages to your company when it comes to work quality and a reasonable budget. On the other hand, as freelancers usually take up multiple projects all at the same time, it can lead to delivery delays or even less dedication towards the project quality. Stakeholders might also feel difficult to get hold of focused freelancers as their availability is low leading to lower commitment towards work.

Diverse understanding and knowledge

The only commitment that an app development company has is to develop quality mobile applications by adding features and specialized requirements of your business. They can easily be fulfilled with dedicated companies that have full understanding and knowledge about the project. Whereas, handling projects relating to the front-end and back-end is the work of a freelancer, they might also have additional projects, which might lead to compromising on your business task.


When comparing freelancers and companies in terms of budget, the winners are freelancers because of their inexpensive costs that attract businesses in hiring them. But, if you consider quality and budget, company services are the highlights now. They do offer multiple rates at different subscription levels which can also sometimes be affordable for start-up businesses.

Managing projects

To  develop an android application, you need experience and good planning skills so that you get to know the tastes and interests of your potential customers. For companies, here comes the need of a project manager, who has expertise in timely management and checking of the process. To hire project managers you may have a look at their portfolio which must contain a variety of projects that are also similar to your business’s requirements. Apart from this, your project manager will also act as your team’s PRO that coordinates developers and customers.

On the other hand, freelancers usually stand on their own by acting as a one-man army and handling work from the front-end to the back-end without following the vision of a business owner. So, it’s always better to hire project managers from companies who can manage your task as well as your developers.

Technologies and Tools

As already mentioned, for comprehensive services, app development companies offer a variety of tools and technical skills with team experience in a diverse field. They use project management tools that would benefit you additionally, as you don’t have to hire them separately. That said, you can get an overall package when hiring from companies rather than freelancers as they are specialized in a particular task and use specific tools to handle them. This is a vital aspect to keep in mind (if you prefer hiring company services) while deciding on your projects.


Hiring developers from companies is always better than hiring freelancers, and we’ve hopefully demonstrated that. In a nutshell, even though company app developers could be more expensive, they will give you everything that you need while handling your projects and achieving your goals within or before the deadline. If you’re wondering about which companies would be the best, then here are a few suggestions from our side:

1. W2S Solutions

By creating over 150 apps for all start-ups out there, in their entire 8 years of business, they have grown wide with locations in the United States, UK, Canada and Qatar.  Apart from this, they have also expanded their business from India (Chennai) to Austin USA and Calgary, and Canada. Also, they have a team of experienced mobile app developers for you to hire and their  range of clientele and work can give you insights into their strengths.

2. CodeClouds

CodeClouds is a unique experience to choose when it comes to a global company, as they are customer-centric and have expanded widely from India to Australia, US and New Zealand. Their developers in India and graphic designers in New Zealand can provide your Android app development team with experience on both sides of the world by being technical and creative at the same time. The most important part about them is the pricing, they thrive to assist all types of businesses at the most affordable rates because customer satisfaction is what they aspire for.